Pregnancy & Boyfriend

by katy
(oneonta, AL, )

okay well to start off my name is katy. im 17 years old and im 26 weeks pregnate with a baby girl. i have made alot of mistakes in my life and really got away from god for awhile. the last week of june last year i had a misscarriage and i really didnt know how to deal with it i wasnt going to church i didnt want to so i turned to partying,drinking and sex! i had a boyfriend when i misscarried and he was steping up to be a dad to a baby that he new wasnt his and after i misscarried me and him were still having sex and us not thinking and honsetly i wanted my baby back so it was unprotected sex...... well me and him broke up and he told me he was always going to be there for me so i was okay.... until the night i was at a party and he texted me and told me he was done trying and that about killed me well on july 27th i went into the hospital and i came to find out i was pregnate again and i knew it was his.. i was scared!! but today me and him are back together and really happy!! i have been getting closer and closer to the lord i have missed the feeling of having god in my life.. but i also know god has a plan for me my baby and my boyfriend

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Congratulations& Good Luck
by: Cassidy

There's a lot of negative things I could write but I'm not going to because I'm sure you've heard them all.

I think it's really great that you've turned to the Lord again. Good luck with your pregnancy and your boyfriend!

hii!! im so happy your close to God now
by: TM

HI!!!!! i think its so awesome that you are close to God now!.There is nothing better than having christ in your life. The best thing about God is that even when we have made mistakes we can always go back to him and he will forgive us.

by: Michaela Marie Miller

Yes, He does! God is good!
I made a bunch of mistakes in my life and I was drunk and had unprotected sex and am now pregnant with my little Autumn. I was so scared for the longest time but I am realizing that God loves me and He loves that little baby girl in me so much and He doesn't think she's a mistake so why should I?
If you ever need to talk I am here to listen! :D

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