Prayer Problems Am i praying too much?

by Princess

ive had this problem for about 6 months now and i just dont know how to escape. I expect im the only person who has this!

...i think im praying too much! i know we can never pray too much but it's like im getting paranoid! All day i am constantly aware of my sin and every sin i do, i have to ask for forgiveness for it. the more i think about sin, the more i sin, and the more i ask for forgivness. one day i was literaly asking for forgiveness non-stop for things that kept popping into my head and things i was doing and thinking. the bible says in psalms that 'if i regard iniquity in my heart the Lord will not hear me' so i simply cannot pray comfortably unless ive asked for forgiveness from all my sin! how can we pray without ceasing if we have sin in our hearts? so instead of praying for others without ceasing i am asking for forgiveness without ceasing!
im sure this isnt the way God wants us to live! but i dont know how to get out of this obsession for asking for forgiveness!
it has even spread into my quiet times each morning! i havent even been able to have a proper prayer time for about 3 days now because i am too obsessed about asking for forgiveness. im sitting on my bed for 30minutes or more sometimes trying to confess my sins. i have too many to confess and my prayer times become a chore instead of a blessing! it's quite hard for me to explain but here is an example of the type of think i do:

"Dear Heavenly Father,
Im so sorry for all my sin. Please, please forgive me. I know ive been so wrong and I've failed you again. I know i shouldnt have watched that programme and i still did. im so sorry for being desrespectful to my parents. i pray with all my heart, please forgive. im sorry for saying 'with all my heart' but not meaning it with all my sorry Lord for being distracted please forgive me. im sorry for feeling proud of myself then. please forgive me for not wanting to pray anymore. im sorry.............."

It's like that- for about 20 minutes! I want to pray and have a proper relationship with God! not be obsessively asking for forgiveness all the time! what can i do??? is this right what im doing??
Please help!

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A Call to Die
by: S'ambrosia

There is a devotional called, "A Call to Die," that would be a great resource for you to get into. I just read something from it the other day that really relates to your question. It described me perfectly, and when I read your question I immediately identified with you, so I hope this also speaks to your heart:

"Let me give you a word of warning. Sensitive, conscientious people run the risk of going overboard about finding and rooting out their sin. They desperately want to please God, and they think they can help Him by looking for sin in their lives. They analyze every conversation and every action looking for sinful motives and wrong behavior. If this goes on long enough, they begin to find sin where there is none, and the focus of their lives becomes a spiritual death trap of beating themselves up for any and all perceived wrongs. If you are a conscientious person (and you wouldn't be involved in this call to die if you weren't very serious about pleasing God), be careful not to try to do God's job for Him. Relax. You can be very certain that the Holy Spirit will point out sin when he wants to. At that point, allow Him to burn it away with the fire of His holiness and forgiveness, and give thanks for His grace and mercy. Then move on. I've seen the zeal of too many men and women lead them to destruction instead of joy. Don't let that happen to you."

to S'ambrosia
by: Princess

Thank you for sharing this with me!! that is exactly describing what i do


When i read this i was laughing because it was like reading about me. You have the exact problem i used to have. i used to ask for forgivness even in my dreams. i got over it soon when i realized that there was more than asking for forgivness evrytime. God doesnt have a mean heart he wants us to live a life that pleases him and we can do that by growing and helping others. just try to help others in their troubles and trust me that fills up your troubled heart.

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