plz help me out:'(

by stephanie
(norfolk ne )

hey my name is stephanie im am 12 im gonna be 13 next month
im struggling with cutting ive been cutting for a year now when i first cut myself i was so mad at my mom i dont rememeber why? the first time it was a pain relief.. it was the great feeling....but now i do it because my dad beats me or if im sticking up for my brother or when i want somthing or when i try to yell at my parents to stop fighting. but now im at the point if i get beat ever.. i wanna commite sucide i wanna cut more and more untill i feel better. i have tried smoking to stop the stress and depression i have tried talking to people they wont help me out they wont give me advise..i need somone ...i told my mom i want to go to theripy i told my mom i want somone to talk to if i tell my mom i cut myself she will get so mad and disapointed.she wont want me in the house...wen i grow up i wanna be an actress becuz at skool i act like im a complete diffrent person im happy and exiting im caring.. ...i know that mabe i wont be an actress i dont belive not with these parents..wen im at home i go straight to my room i dont wanna hear no one i dont wanna talk to no one...plz im feel alone. im sad.. im at the point where i dont wanna leave my room to eat dinner..i cut and cut and cut just plz im tired of hiding im screaming inside im lost....

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there is help
by: Anonymous

U are a strong girl. God never gives us somthing that is to big for us to handle. Does your school have a conselour? If so definitley take advantage of your resources. Help is all around us. Or, you can Talk to a trusted teacher.Also, Here's a 24/7 phone line with professional prayer counselors to pray for u it's 1-800-759-0700. I've used it and it's always helped me. Do u have a nearby church? If so that's a hotspot for help. Pretty much every1 there will be available to help. You can speak with a pastor there or something. The person on the phone line will usually search for u a nearby church. Ask them to search for a nearby church for u. I would advise u to get urself into some after school activities. It dosen't have to be a sport. But you know a club or anything.And if getting rides to places like churches or activities is a problem I'm sure there's plenty of people out there willing to give you a ride. I would espeacially advise u to try to stay out of the house through activities and good friendships that won't influence you negativley as much as possible if your father is abusing you. As for smoking, quit now. For once you become hooked on it it's hard to stop. Also if you care anything about your looks you'll stop. Instead of smoking to calm you down, try something differnt, like running. Or a sport, or focus on your breathing. Smoking is also very expensive,wouldn't u like to have that money instead of spending it on something that will be bad for your health? Make some friends through the church there is usually a lot of good people there. When you are by urself in your room, pray and read your bible and grow in the lord. Be stronger then temptation. Instead of picking up a cutting tool, pick up the phone and call the number i gave u. Or if you aren't near a phone pray and cry out to the lord for help and he will be listening. Always remeber that God loves unconditionally. He loves you. He loves you with a love that you will find no where else. And Jesus died for you, yes you.

by: Miss B

Dear Cutter,
I know that you don't want to end your life. Cutting is a silent cry for help.

I am very proud of you for taking the first step towards healing and your willingness to openly talk about your feelings. Remember 'your Big Daddy' loves you,even though you can't see him physically.

You will recieve many wonderful words of advice from caring folks all around the world. But remember, God has given to you a book of love letters for you to read and enjoy. This book is called the Bible. It comes in many different colors and choices of words. Get one that 'you' will enjoy reading!
Proud of you!
Love Miss B.

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