PLEASE READ! I agree with everything you said:

by Justine

hi I stumbled across your site while I was googling modest swimsuits and you are SO right! I am a 15 year old soon-to-be-16 Catholic Christian and am also having that dilemma of finding a cute, modest swimsuit. But it's so hard!!!!

I found Lime Ricki a couple weeks ago and was so excited to see the cutest tankini but it is a little steep. However, you showed me more options to help me find the RIGHT swimsuit, without compromising fashion or virtue.

I am a girl of God, and I am not a cheap mind trick to sell my body to awaiting men who are using women's flaunted bodies for their own personal fantasies. I don't think it's right for people who call themselves Christians to allow their teens and God forbid their little girls to buy skimpy bikinis or two pieces that bare their backs and bellies! It's totally oxy-moron and shows that they don't care that guys are lusting and thinking about their girls in ways that are quite sinful!

It's sad that most of the swimsuits you see in the store and worse, on women's bodies are bikinis. I mean, if you're a parent, would you LET your daughter wear a bra and panty out in public in front of strangers, with guys looking? I don't think so! If you won't let them wear underwear, what more a bikini? And worse, they get WET!!!

I do NOT want to be "like everyone else" and just buy a bikini. I would NEVER feel comfortable in a bikini, and I've tried one on, you're right, it's even worse than bra and underwear! I feel so uncomfortable and thank God my parents never let me own or buy one. I have always wondered what it would feel like and have even been tempted to "just try them", but besides the fact that my parents would never in a million years allow it,

I have decided bikinis are NOT for me! Though it is difficult for me, because I always feel pressured to "fit in" and please others, I know God will reward me in the end for keeping the temple in which the Holy Spirit lives within me pure and sacred.

It's difficult cuz all the swimsuits I see either have a cute design but are too skimpy, modest but ugly, or modest AND cute, but wayy too expensive! But there are MANY options to modest swimwear! Like rashgaurds and board shorts; they're a wonderful idea! Though they are a tad expensive, you can find cheap ones @ Walmart and sale stuff at a sporting goods store like Sports Authority. Plus, they provide sun protection so no sun burn!

I find the "sporty surfer chick" look quite cute and fashionable, and though I am not a surfer, I could still look super stylish and sporty, and hey, who doesn't like that? It's better to be attractive to guys through modesty and personality than a lack of morality, and though it seems the opposite, most guys DO prefer a modest girl!

I am still however, in the search for that "perfect suit", heck, I guess we all are, but many thanks to you, this search will be a whole lot easier. Thank you and God Bless!

Oh and P.S. for those who consider bikinis "ok" and it's "just style", well, it's not just YOU who sees the bikini. Many strangers but mostly, GUYS see it, and a whole lot more. They take what they see, and since it's a LOT of skin, complete the picture in their minds. This is a grave sin, and since you are causing it and feeding the flame, it's partially your fault. Please be WISE and do NOT compromise modesty for style! Just try to see through God's eyes: would HE be okay with what you're flaunting? Chances are, no. Just a thought.

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