Our biggest fight.

by Nyssa

I've been dating the same guy for 2 years. And for 2 years we've only had serious fights over one thing. Me. I'm not fat - I only weigh 108 lbs. I'm not too tall, or too short, I'm 5 foot 3. But I constantly feel unattractive. I have acne that just won't go away. I feel like my eyebrows are too bushy, no matter how much I pluck. My cheeks are too chubby. My teeth aren't straight enough, or white enough. And my eyes are too small. Not to mention my frizzy, curly, disobedient boring brown hair. I'm still an A cup, which leads to people constantly commenting on my "lack" of a feminine figure, even though with my 22 inch waist I technically am an hour class. Despite my thin figure, I still manage to have too wide hips and excess fat around my thighs - probably due to the fact that I rarely have time to study with my tough academic schedule. And yet my boyfriend has never once admitted that I am less than perfect. It's always, "You're gorgeous, and thin, and beautiful, and I love you. Why don't you believe me?" And I'm not fishing for compliments like most girls my age (I'm 17). In middle school I was horribly unpopular. Girls made fun of me, told me a I looked like a boy etc. And guys used to ask me out on dares and then laugh with their friends about it later. I guess I just never got over that, because no matter how many times I remind myself that he thinks I'm beautiful, and that God thinks I'm beautiful, all I can hear is the laughter of my 8th grade class as I realize that I will never consider myself beautiful.

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Mar 13, 2011
i know how you feel
by: Anonymous

im 15 and homeschooled but i know what you mean.
ive gone to church all my life and thats where i saw boys. i was always the ugly girl and boys never cared about me... i looked like a guy is what i thought. but i wanna tell you whats helped me. oh my gosh this year (freshman yr.) has bn life changing! ive grown up hiding pain and hurt, giving fake smiles, and one day i just decided ENOUGH! i asked God to be Lord of my life and take away this pain. that I would live for HIM and only HIM. i gave up my boyfriend so i could get closer to God and everything is turning out so much better. now i was baptized when i was 5 and have always believed in God. but i dont think anyone truly understands what BELIEVING and LETTING GOD have your life really means until they get to that one point in life. at least thats the way it was for me... i would always say im ugly and not worth it, but my friends say i am gorgeous and so amazing. but why couldnt i believe it??? when i gave my life to God, truly, i know in my heart that God sees me as beautiful and i dont need no guy to tell me that. God is everything to me now. im living for Him, i dont care a thing about boys, i know if im meant to be with someone then God will make it happen. just tell God EVERYTHING. if you cant find the words just say to God "help me". God knows what you mean, He knows what you feel. God can help you. Believe me, He has helped me and is continuing to do so. :)

Jul 11, 2011
Don't Call Common What He has Made
by: Danielle

I am 26 years old and still struggle with my body image. As I was reading your story, my heart was just breaking. I too have struggled with seeing every tiny flaw on my face and body. I have felt so common and ordinary my whole life. I often long for a different, thinner body. But that isn't what I have. God didn't create me to be a size 0 or even a size 4. He created me to be a size 12. And I should love every part of that because He loves every part of me. In Acts 10:15, Jesus says, "What God has made clean, do not call common." God has purified my heart when I chose to accept His free gift. He has cleaned me, and I am therefore not common at all. He thinks I am beautiful. And He thinks you are beautiful!

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