by Natalie

Quiet sun creeps over the cold earth
chasing the moon over the horizan and casting its rays of warming light
Answering the call of morning, birds trill and warble
great red tulips open their eyes casting apart thier gracefull spring dresses
the grass grows and waves hello to the passing ducks
the erie pond is cold and mysteriuos but the small toad family doesn't mind
hunting for food or playing a game of tag animals sleep and bask in the rays of light
then suddenly the stork feels a chill and dives from the sky cawing to the little chicks
and up over the hill comes a powerfull storm
it sweeps over the land turning proud mountain lions into scampering little cubs
turtles turn into thier shells rumbling along with the crumbling sky
as the raccons hidden in the base of a tree chance a peek at the surrondings near the shaken tree
they padd across the riped torn moss they see other sevivors who haved fared much worst
raven with his ripped wing and tabby cat with a frayed tail
all hope is not lost when young tiny moles come up to the surface with seed filled bowls
they pass them around and the cats begin to purr and the crows happy caw is heard all around
the land is replanted and watered with care
if only people could see that the animals really do care

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