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--I cannot ease your aching heart,
Nor take your pain away;
But let me stay and take your hand
And walk with you today.

I'll listen when you need to talk,
I'll wipe away your tears;
I'll share your worries when they come,
I'll help you face your fears.

I'm here and I will stand by you,
On each hill you have to climb;
So take my hand, let's face the world...
And live just one day at a time.

You're not alone, for I'm still here,
I'll go that extra mile;
And when your grief is easier,
I'll help you learn to smile

--I said 'God it hurts'
And God said 'I Know'
I said 'God I cry alot'
And God said 'That's why I gave you tears'
I said 'God I get so depressed'
And God said 'That why I gave you sunshine'
I said god I feel Alone'
And god said 'That's why I gave you loved ones'
I said 'god my loved one is dead'
And God said'I watched mine nailed to the cross'
I said God 'Where are they? '
And God said 'Mine is on my right and yours is in the light.
I said 'God it hurts'
And God said 'I know'

 --Oh, how poetic is Fall!
With it's greens and yellows, 
to reds and browns.
With a taste of Winter, 
a hint of Spring.
Oh, how poetic is Fall!

--Down here in the valley 
Nothings able to grow
'Cause the lights too low
Folks spend their days
Digging 'round for diamonds and gold
'Till they just get old
And they don't know anything else
They don't know they're breathing bad air
But I'm tired of living like this
And my soul cries out, "if You're there..."

Call me up to Your side
Draw me up to Your light 
Let it blind me
Lord, re define me
Re define me out of my mind

--Why now? Not tomorrow        
Why you? Not another
Can't believe you're gone
Can't believe you're life done
Wish to have one more day
Wish to say
I love you
I need you
Don't go away
I want you to stay
I want you here
Bud now you've got wings to fly
Your my angel in the sky
Won't forget you
Won't forget how it was
Won't forget you're still on our side

--Tears again
Tears full of pain
I've lost my way
Thoughts running trough my head
My head keeps on spinning
My body walks but I'm not there
With the tears I have shown
I could feed a flower for a day
But with my uncried tears
I could fill another sea

--We argue at times but basically
I'm like skin and you can be a painful blister
but hey what can I say we're two sisters
your like no other person I've met
but yet 
I understand you 
and you understand me
but we're also family
we have a special bond 
this is meant to be short not long 
as I am ending this 
you're next to me smiling
you're no longer a blister 
I'm not going to pick at you any more..
I love you sister!

--Grandma, its been a few months now since
God and His Angels called you away.
Oh how the Angels rejoiced as you walked
Through those Pearly Gates that day !

Grandma when they said you were going to die
I refused to believe it could be true.
How could I allow myself to even
Imagine saying goodbye to you.

Grandma you were an Angel here on earth
I learned so very much from you.
You were so gentle and so kind your
Smile would always see me through.

You taught me how to love unconditionally
And how to be my very best in all I do.
You gave your all to God and your family
Never once stopping to think about you.

Grandma I can never say goodbye to you,
Because I could never bear the pain.
Instead I say I love you Grandma
Until we meet again.

My world is spiraling
Into the depths of the deep blue sea
I'm reaching out for help 
But nobody sees 

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You're Going To Make It Amanda
by: Anonymous

Amanda, I love your processing. It's therapeutic to express the seasons of your life through poetry. That ability precious, is a gift from God.

Your grandmother sounded like a beautiful lady, it has to be hard on you now that she is gone. Our sincerest condolence to you and your family. It's a blessing to see your cry to the LORD for His help. He is so awesome in His power Amanda, continue to stay in His presence, talk to your family - surround yourself with music/people that glorify and express the goodness of God - it's a safe place to process your pain as you go through this difficult season of your life.

Romans 8:28 promises that God will turn everything around for our good and His glory. He is the only One that can bring something beautiful out of a painful situation. Like pearls from an oyster, the lessons learned make us stronger, wiser and even better - it's amazing but oh, so true. Look at how you have been given the ability to inspire and lift up a hurting heart through your words. That truly is a pearl of great price! (Smile)...

Blessings Amanda, keep writing precious!

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