My Weight...

by Abby

First of all, your website has been very helpful as I have been researching for a paper I'm doing on Anorexia. I hate how girls are obsessive about their weight, and I wrote a long paper against it. Strangely enough, I feel sort of fat even though Im not technically chubby haha.

Almost all of my friends are skinny, and they are mostly a year younger than me. I am 14... I am 5 ft 9 in and I weight around 135 IB. Mot of my friends are 5 ft 5 in and they only weight like 100. When they ask me what my weight is, they usually gasp when they hear it. Its really annoying and stuff, but I just shake it off and tell myself I'm fine.

I also have a much larger appetite than my friends, due to my height difference... and they tell me I eat a lot and laugh at me (in a joking way) It just gets old.

Am I fat? What should I do when my friends say they sort of things?

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Supermodel weight and height
by: Jaime Swartz

The one thing that you will find as you get older is wondering why you worried so much about little things like weight. The peers and media put so much focus on how you are suppose to look, the truth is that beauty exceeds from the inside out, not the other way around. A beautiful person is someone that has a friendly smile, understanding eyes, a caring touch, and attentive ears. Your friends might be bringing up "how much" you eat to get a reaction out of you, not because they really care that you have a bigger appetite. Over the years, I have found the funniest people are the ones, that can laugh at all their "differences". The next time one of them makes a comment on how much you eat, have a comeback like you are working on your are working on your supermodel height and that they don't have the appetite to be one. Maybe that was lame, but I am sure you could come with something better. The point is once they see you can laugh at yourself too, they won't make it a point anymore, because you can laught at it too.

not overweight
by: cassandra

no, i dont think you're overweight..if you're overweight, then i must be overweight because i'm about 5'5" and weight're so much taller than me AND weight less than me..if i dont think im overweight, i sure as heck don't think you're overweight..stop listening to what your friends say..even if they are joking, a teen girl's weight is NOTHING to joke me, i know..while i've never had anorexia, i have come close to it, and all because my mom and brother told me i needed to lose weight..a few years ago, there would be some days when i'd BARELY eat
1meal a day, if you could call what i ate a meal..before it got bad, i realized that i was heading down a bad road and essentially started treating myself based on what i'd learned in health class..even though it didnt get outta control, it almost did b/c it was about all i could do to eat without making myself sick b/c i would literally feel sick b/c i'd go so long without eating a full, im healthy..but you dont wanna go down the same path i did..ITS NOT FUN!!i was probably about your age, maybe a couple years older when it started for now 20 and a freshman in college and STILL struggle with it you definately dont wanna mess with there anyway you could possibly tell them to stop joking about your weight b/c it really bothers you?

Not Fat
by: Heather

So I do not think you are fat at all!!! I haven't seen you, so I can't say for sure, but I am only 5'4 and weigh 135, and am one of the skinniest people I know. It sounds to me like you and your friends are tooth picks. They also might not be telling the truth about their weight? I don't know, but if you go to the doctor they have a chart that tells you what you should weigh for your height, and it sounds to me like you probably need to think about gaining weight not losing it. But I always have said that weight isn't as important as the physical condition that you are in. Exercise and eating well is more important then the actual amount that you weigh.

Thanks for your comments!!
by: Abby

Thanks so much for you encouraging comments :)
Each one of your entries seemed to help me. Heather, your probably right. My friends may not be saying ther accurate weight. My friends do tease me a lot about the ammount I eat, but I always joke about it to. The other day I weighted myself and saw that I have dropped 7 pounds (in the past week do to cutting back on everything and eating less than 700 calories a day) and im around 127 IB now. That sorta scared me. My (christian) sister even told me I looked underweight. I see now that I need to chill and enjoy food/excersize and not worry about my looks so much.
Thanks again

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