MY story

by maisie

im 11 and trying to cope with anorexia. im 4ft 9 and 64 pounds. ive always been skinny but i never thought so and began to skip meals and run about like crazy. im realy scared that my mum and my big family will find this out so i wanna beat this disease and have a normal life.

it all started about 5 months ago, when i was watchin america's next top model. i stared at those beautiful stick thin girls so i thought omg i wanna be like that! so now ive rocketed from 88 pounds to 64. plz leve us a measege 2 help me xxx

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Fill yourself with good things!
by: Alison

So you have already learned that what we watch (media) can GREATLY AFFECT our real lives! What an important discovery.

I encourage you to fill your days (when not at school or with family) with reading articles on this website dealing with anorexia, and Shelley's book about true beauty. I'd be happy to share other resources if you are interested :)



dont worry !
by: Ashley

hey maise you sound like a really pretty and sweet girl,,, u have 2 eat...grls that are stick thin are pretty, but what makes them pretty is their confidence in themselves. If u share that same confidence and happiness when you look in the mirror you'll deff be finee...pleasee eat ! dont screw yer life up !

Skinny, Skinny, Skinny
by: Penny

Listen, at 11 years old you may not want to hear it but you are way to young to deal with this or "beat" this on your own. You need to fess up to your mum and get the help you need. I am really getting tired of this word "skinny". Sweetie, look around you. Can you honestly tell me that the only pretty people in the world are skinny? Do you think that skinny people are happier then other people? Ask yourself, do I really need to be "skinny"? Honestly, I find most models to look sickly but if you are into the whole model thing, I think you should watch the Tyra Banks show. Tyra Banks was the highest paid (now retired) models of her time and she is not "skinny" but yet beautiful. Another one is Cindy Crawford. Look her up on the internet. She was the most popular model before Tyra and she to is not "skinny". They both have a powerful message to share with girls like you who desire to be skinny. I think you should also look up some models that are in the business now and I know that you will find a lot of drug and alcohol abuse. I can't think of her name right now but there is a model who was totally dropped from the business because she was so messed up with drugs all in an effort to stay skinny and I am sure that no one from the business cares what she was or is going through. These girls are tormented souls who are hurting and are not good role models. We should pray for them not model ourselves after them. TALK TO YOUR MUM and always remember keep your knees down and your chin up!

What people can do to destroy your self esteem
by: The little helper

My friend (no name for privacy) is exactly your height and 82 lbs. She is considered very skinny. She eats a ton! Twice as much as I do yet remains the same weight. Her favorite food is beef jerky and can't resist a burger. Every day after school she goes to a bodega and grabs a bagel with at least two candy bars. One day this boy made fun of her and dissed her for being fat. She would always ask me," How many calories does this have?" I reminded her she was skinny and told the boy to lay off. She was no longer like that.

Dear maise...
by: Anonymous

dear maise,

You are beautiful as you are. Never forget that!

Girl who wishes to go anonomous for privacy reasons ;)

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