My Scars Tell A Story...

by Natasha

Every scar has a story.

Each scar has a life.
They speak for us.
When we die, they'll explain it all.

I have my scars from just being a kid.
I have scars from camping.
I have scars from falling.
I have scars from fooling around, from dancing, from building, from playing.

But I have scars from myself.
I have scars from anger.
I have scars from stress.
I have scars from hate, from sadness, from depression, from love, from habit.

And then I have scars from hell.
I have scars from running.
I have scars from crying.
I have scars from fear, from games, from getting attacked, from him, from sex.

I have scars from the good times.
I have scars from rolling down a hill.
I have scars from walking into things.
I have scars from getting lost in the woods, from books, from shoes, from toys.

And I have scars from the bad times.
I have scars from screaming for help.
I have scars from trying to escape.
I have scars from getting beaten, from not knowing what to do, from a boy.

But I have scars that are just there.
I have scars from... well, it kinda just happened.
I have scars from I have know idea!
I have scars from being overwhelmed, from names, from tags, from the 6th grade.

I'm proud of my scars though.
It shows who I am.
It shows what I've been through.
It shows where I've been, what I've done, that I have a past, I have a story.

I have scars on my legs... from just being a kid. And no one really sees them.
I have scars on my arms... I'm not ashamed, though people see them 24/7.
I have scars on my torso... they show that I'm brave, even though no one sees them.
So you know the story of my scars, you know the story of me.

Now what's yours?

Comments for My Scars Tell A Story...

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I Am Forgiven
by: Anonymous

Hi Natasha, read your excellent thought-provoking poem and was moved to respond to your question about the story my scars tell.
Every "scar" tells of a hurt, pain, challenging circumstance that tried to "take me out" but failed. They are battle scars for sure, but they don't hurt anymore. And really even the limp I used to have is almost gone (smile) because of the power of Him Who brought me through. Natasha like any one who has gone through a battle or currently is in one, will pick up a few scars and if not treated, the wounds become gaping holes in our hearts that saps us of strength and tries our will to live.
That's why dear Natasha, we need Jesus. We need Him to free us from the pain of the battle, we need Him to apply a salve that heals, comforts, steadies, calms, strengthens, gives peace, grace to forgive, grace to hope, grace to get up and go on IN SPITE OF having gone through the battle that left some scars. Precious, that is the only way we can make it.
My respinse to you is going to be lengthy because dear, I want to really talk to you and hopefully express God's love for you. This is not religious jargon. Jesus Loves you is an absolute truth. But it's not enough that we know that, in order for you to be impacted, Natasha, you must know that for yourself.
Do you go to a church whereby you can learn how to hear God's Voice through scripture? By that I mean, when reading the Word, some scriptures seems to jump right out at you, like It's speaking to you right then? That's key to getting wisdom, healing and the ability to see things, to see yourself and your life from a different perspective.
Is there someone you can talk to? Are you in harms way? We're concerned for you precious, seek help. I read your other post, No Help No Hope and was moved with tears. Natasha, your deciding to come to this site was not coincidence, the LORD knew that this site was formed by people who pray, read by people who pray, answered by people who pray and all of us are standing with you that He Who is faithful, will bring you through. We're praying for Natasha. And know this, hold it real close like a treasured priceless pearl, Jesus loves you. Know how I know it - look at His scars...(smile - He went to that cross for you!)
Blessings precious, please keep us posted Natasha, let us know what's happening with you okay?

My reply
by: Jen :)

I have scars from when I was little
I have scars off bikes
I have scars from running
I have scars from playing

I have scars from crying
I I've scars from not being able to cope
I have scars from my eating disorder, from being suicidal, from my depression.

I have scars from bullies
Scars from friends
Scars from myself

Scars are my way of treating stress
Just like people treat stress with reading or sports
I treat stress with scars

I have scars from being angry
From being scared
From being me...

I have scars from laughing
From having fun
From enjoying myself
I have scars from a lot of things,...

I like my scars
I'm proud of them
People will/ do/ have judge me from them
But they don't understand them scars
Like I do

It shows what I have been through :)
Thats my Story :)

My story
by: Nicole S

I clung to my brokenness, yet I hated it. I was so angry and because of it I was filled with so much hatred! I hated that it I broken! I hated it so much that I started to hate all the things around me...including myself. And to keep from getting hurt by the brokenness I began to develop calluses. I began hurting other people. Often times intentionally. I didn’t care who I hurt. I just hated myself and my inability to fix the brokenness.
Battered and bruised from my scars. I asked to be forgiven. Forgiven for being so stubborn and rejecting the gift that was so graciously offered to me. And I cried. Ever so gently, with such loving kindness, my brokenness was taken from me.
I was healed. I still have scars from the brokenness, but they are healed over. No longer are they open wounds or calluses. I have a hope now. A hope in knowing that if ever any wounds are threatening to reopen, they will be healed over quickly. A hope in knowing that I can never be as calloused as I once was. Because when I was given the new gift I was told “Daughter, your faith has healed you. Go in peace and be freed from your suffering.” (Mark 5:34)

Nicole D. S.
March 23, 2011

You Are His Beloved Nicole!
by: Anonymous

Nicole! What an absolutely beautiful testimony! Oh precious, we are so blessed for you!

I am moved to tears - for truly daughter of the Most High God, you are triumphant and my oh my, what great things are in store for you!

Keep in touch dear heart, let us know what's going on with you and continue to grow in your knowledge of Him whose shed Blood has made you free.

Blessings Nicole!

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