My problem of being overweight.

by Kiara
(Rex, Georgia)

Hi Im Kiara. I'm 15 years old and i'm 5'1 and i weigh 160lbs. I hate the way i look. I try so hard to lose weight but it seems like im just exercising for nothinq... I qet all excited when i exercise for a whole week then jump on the scale. But then my heart sinks when the number on the scale hasn't chanqed. I lose hope and just give up. A voice in my head tells me "Why do i even try if i never succeed?" Well i've been overweight ever since i was little. Probably when i was 4 or 5 maybe 6 or 7 i was skinny. But then when i qot to 10-11 years old.... I had qained alot of weight. I was short and chubby. People use to make fun of me and the way i looked. And now thinqs are harder for me because im a freshman in hiqh school and im still overweight. But before when i was in 7th qrade i weighed 121lbs. I always called myself fat but i really wasn't. Maybe i had a little stomach but i didn't look the way i do now. But even then people use to say i was uqly and fat and i believed them. And now i am the way i am because of what people said about me. Every summer that had past i use to qain 9-10 pounds. And i hated that. So every time i went to school people use to say "What happened to you? You use to be really skinny?" And i take that to heart and it really hurts me. And people still say that to me... I try so hard to iqnore what people say to me but it just makes me cry when i remember all the neqative thinqs they use to say. I really dont know what to do at this point... I just want to be skinny like my friends and be confident enouqh to wear a two piece bathinq suit. I cant even qo to the beach or a pool party because im afraid of what people will say about me and my body. I wish i had that 'Perfect' Body. Like these amazinq celebrities. And i always wear a sweater. Even if its 100 deqrees outside because i hate the way my body looks. One day i want to be able to wear nice shorts and a tank top without beinq afraid of what people would say. Uqhhh I just hate myself. I hate what i made myself into. I wish i could qo back in time and stop myself from over eatinq and qaininq weiqht. I can't even look in the mirror and tell myself im beautiful because i believe that im not. I need some advice. I need someone to tell me im pretty and beautiful just the way i am. Because i surely wont.... I just wish thinqs were different...

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Apr 16, 2011
God Thinks You're Beautiful!
by: Melinda

Hi Kiara,
I just wanted to let you know that God always loves you the way you are. He loves everyone, no matter what size they may be. Nobody has the right to say mean things against you nor to criticize you for your weight. From my past, I have learned that a lot of these people who say mean things have problems, as well. Sometimes they are in a worse situation and may only want to help themselves feel better. However, behaving in this manner is never right.
I can sympathize with how you feel. As a younger girl, I gained a lot of weight and was overweight for years. People would say mean things about me and I would hate myself, as well. (My weight issues were also due to severe depression and emotional abuse that had taken place in the past). As time went on, however, I realized that my weight issues resulted from my my poor sense of self-esteem, self-confidence, and my need for friends. As I began to talk to some people, I noticed that those who accepted me for who I was were my friends. Because I was able to accept myself for who I was, I gained self-confidence and was able to lose weight.
Please don't let what others say bring you down. If your weight is something you'd like to improve, maybe your friends could help you with the process. For instance, maybe you could go walking or rollerblading with them or maybe even with a pet dog. Perhaps you could also cook some healthy dishes with them, and in the process, you'll be gaining an extra dose of self-confidence.
Remember, God loves you no matter what. His love is always there and always waiting for us. And, please, don't feel like you have to be a size two. (I'm definitely not)! Even those who are a size two, have many issues themselves because they are imperfect humans. I encourage you to check out the music video "More Beautiful You," by Jonny Diaz. It shows you are beautiful just the way you are.

Oct 03, 2011
Satan Lies
by: Maddi

i always thought of myself in the same way, and still do. Satan's lies convinced me i was fat when really i wasnt. and you aren't either. His lies caused me to go into an eating disorder which lead to emotional scaring. dont let this bother you. you dont need to lose weight you are beautiful the way you are. and i know people say that just to make you feel better, trust me girl, i know. but really, i genuinely mean it. our messed up world has set these crazy ideas of "the perfect body" when really that is the least of what you need to be worrying about. Have confidence, cause YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!! if you dont think so, you are offending God and letting the Enemy win. So...who are you going to give the glort too, Satan or God? lets fight this battle together, kiara.

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