My newly opened eyes

I've got to be honest, I own a skimpy bikini that resembles a bra and box underwear for girls. Lol, and I've never thought about it before! I mean, I make it a point to wear tops that aren't too low-cut in the front, or shorts that aren't too short. Mostly tee-shirts and jeans are my style.

I've never been to big on fashion, but I do like cute clothes. :) I'm thirteen, and I've been a Christian since I knew what it was. But lately (the last two years or so) I've really ran toward god, harder and faster than I ever have before! I make it a point to not surround myself with ungodly things or people. I make it a point to be the best that I can be!

But I never thought about my swimsuit. Until lately... I've been seeing majorly cute one piece swimsuits that offer so much coverage!
That's when a friend told me she loved one pieces,way better than two pieces.
Then I started thinking "wow... One piece swimsuits are kinda sweet, and two pieces are kinda... Skimpy!"
So I got to looking around for quite awhile and I've always loved vintage dresses,
Like from 1950 or so! Ya know, modest, cute and so neat.

So I looked up vintage swimwear and you can not BELIEVE it! I found the most cutest things there! The variety is amazing, the styles are endless, and the modesty is right down my ally! perfect!!!!

One problem...

Too expensive! I can't buy a swimsuit for $70! Wayyyy way too much for me! My family just doesn't have that kind of money!
So, I wanted to ask if you knew of any vintage swimsuits that I could get for around 20, or so?

Also, I wanted to say your blog is amazing, and you've really helped me with this post. Meanwhile, I'm going to look at some of the options you've listed up there!

Also, I wanted to say that I have a Christian blog too. It's not as good as this one, by any means, but I love getting visitors, so if you don't mind, I wanna give you the link, and you can check it out sometime!

Thank you so much again for this eye-opening blog, and ima go clean out my closet for anything that wouldn't please God!!!
God bless you!

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