My mom and the book twilight

by Olivia
(Van Wert Ohio USA)




Here is a review of the Twilight books that Brio Magazine did that might be helpful to you. You can read the article about Twilight here.


Comments for My mom and the book twilight

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by: Heather Hart

There isn't much you can do to change other peoples beliefs. I wish there was but you need to look at it from her point. How would you feel if she said she was sick of GOD? It would be an instant slap in the face. My recommendation is to not fight with her, but show her through your actions the love that GOD has given us. She will not find happiness in twilight. She will begin to wonder what you have that she doesn't. It might not be an instant thing, but don't give up. Keep loving her and living a Godly life. Pray for her everyday. Pray for whoever she wants to date as well. You can't decide for her, but maybe whoever she dates will have a change of heart and lead her to GOD. Or they could be so awful that she realizes she needs something else. We don't know what GOD has planned for her life, but we can pray. GOD works in many ways and sometimes through bad things. Pray for her and those around her, also pray for yourself that he will give you wisdom and guidance for the days to come.

by: Julie

I haven't read the Twilight series but I'm hoping to soon just to get some perspective, but perhaps think of it as a story that people might enjoy because it's a good story. True, it's not spiritual in the sense that we may want it to be, but if read and enjoyed only for pleasure and not as a substitute for God, there isn't too much harm in that. I beleive ven God wants us to find pleasure in things like good FICTION stories..I don't know how your mom is reacting to it but I do think that you can continue to pray that she looks at it rightly.
In Him,

Don't worry! ;)
by: Anonymous

I have read the book Twilight, and I personally don't think there is nothing wrong with my opinion it has nothing against fact, the first one has a reference to the Bible to resist temptation. So, please don't get worked up! ;)

it will all blow over!!
by: Your Bff

Just talk to your mom about her dating a vampire!!!
I'm sure that she will understand!!

Love your Bff

Negative + Positive Twilight Information
by: A.J.

I have read the whole Twilight series, and I have seen the movie twice. Stephenie Meyer, the author of Twilight, is an excellent writer, and it's a very entertaining series, and once you start reading it, it is hard to put down. But see, I have friends who all like Twilight, too. We talk about it together--our favorite parts, least favorite parts, favorite characters, etc. But I wouldn't call what we have an "addiction", because we're open to several other books and movies, too. And we talk about it so frequently with each other that the "shiny new toy" feel of it wears off. But the love of the story doesn't. I'm gonna educate you a little on the series here: While it is about vampires, it's not all dark black magic-y like a lot of people think it is. It's an alternate reality, not unlike Lord of the Rings or Narnia. And while the main characters are not Christians, per se, there are some spots in the stories where they're pondering whether or not God exists, and if there is an afterlife.
And Edward Cullen, the main character's vampire boyfriend, does have some very good moral qualities. He doesn't allow his lust for Bella (main character) to overcome him. This is mostly because he doesn't want to accidentally lose control and hurt her, but in the third book it is revealed that he wants to protect her virtue.
However, there are a few words used back and forth in the series that would have been perfectly fine to be left out. It's not near as bad as a lot of things I see people writing on Facebook, but still, it's unacceptable language. Luckily there isn't a WHOLE lot of this, but in those places where the words do come up, I feel uncomfortable reading them.
Most teenage "love" stories nowadays would be better described as sex stories. But--SPOILER ALERT--Bella and Edward are not engaged in such relations until they have been married, so that's a good thing. There is, however, a scene in the movie where they are kissing and Bella is wearing extremely short shorts--so short most people confuse them for underwear, but they ARE shorts. That scene pushes the limit, but luckily Edward makes them stop before the kiss can go much farther.
I trust you've seen how thick the Twilight books are, so everything negative I have said about it comes in small portions, and is scattered out. The rest shows the power of love, between Ed and Bella, and among their families.

Negative + Positive Part 2
by: A.J.

(Another SPOILER ALERT, after they are married, Bella becomes pregnant, and has a daughter, Renesmee. And just like Edward protected Bella so many times before, he and Bella stop at nothing to take care of Renesmee and each other, even though they are not even in their 20's yet) Every secular story has flaws, but luckily, Twilight's are not as bold as several other stories'. In fact, throughout the series, it teaches several positive lessons. Lessons like patience, self-control, working together, forgiveness, love, selflessness, and tolerence. Have you seen Bride Wars? It was rated PG, and Twilight was rated PG-13. They SO should have switched ratings! While Twilight was intense, and had a few action scenes, the language and lack of morality in Bride Wars was absolutely horrendous, and the final conclusion of the story didn't even make it worthwhile in the end. It's definitely not a movie I ever wish to see again.
Well, I think I've said all I need to say concerning Twilight. Just wanted you to know that it's a good series, though it does have its flaws, but they are not major points of the series. So if it's the BOOK that you're afraid was pulling your mother away from God, there's nothing really to worry about, unless she starts reading other, more steamy novels. BUT, if it's the ADDICTION to the story that you think is pulling her from God, then that's something that should definitely be addressed. I understand perfectly how someone can be drawn to Twilight, but if she reads that all the time and doesn't read her Bible, or procrastinates her motherly duties, or spends more time with her nose in a book than she does with her friends and family, then she needs to put the book on the shelf and snap into reality. She can still be allowed to read Twilight, just so long as she puts God and her family before that. And that's what you should tell her.
And here's one thing you could try--read the book yourself. You don't neccesarily have to read the whole series, or even the whole book, for that matter. But maybe ask your mom to highlight or bookmark the most important parts of the story, and let you go through, and see for yourself what you think of it. Just a suggestion, you don't have to do it. But believe me, Twilight is harshly judged by several people who have never even read the story, and they "preach" against it, when they really don't know what they're talking about.

I'm praying for you. Hope it works out for the best!

With love, A.J.

P.S., My comment was too long, so that's why I left 2.

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