My friend is being abused.

by Beth
(Ohio, USA)

Today in gym class one of my best friends was trying to hide a bruise. I was like what's that from? (i was thinking WHO'S that from...) she's like nothing. i finally got her to tell me. I found out that when she was 12, she was sexually abused. It's her first year at my school. Apparently everyone at St. Joe, her old school, knew about it, so that's why she came to my school. She said that someone was now abusing her but it's not the same guy. She told me that it's not a big deal and not to tell anyone or worry. I am worried, though. Very worried. I don't know what to do. I told her that she should tell someone, an adult. She said that she couldn't tell ANYONE. I'm wondering if that's because the guy told her not to tell anyone. She said that's not why, but....i'm not sure.
I'm only 13 and she's 16. I'm really worried about her and what she could do to herself..or what he could do to her. She's like, someone will find out eventually. I mean that could be true, but if she keeps letting him get away with it, he could do other things..worse things. I'm very concerned about her. She also told me that he was a kid named Andrew that didn't go to our school or her old school. I can't remember what school she said he was from.
I love her to death and i couldn't stand to see her get hurt. Please help me!...

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by: Brenda

Hello Beth! Your friend is very lucky to have a friend like you. I understand that you want to keep this secret for your friend. You don't want to lose her trust right? Well, just imagine what you would feel like if something did happen to your friend and you didn't say anything. You would blame yourself. Its ok to tell someone Beth! I know your friend maybe upset with you in the beginning, but she will end up thanking you for what you did for her in the long run. I'm praying for you and your friend. I know this will work out for the best through God's love and strength. God Bless you Beth! Love in Christ.

by: Anonymous

Trust that God will help her and pray for her. I hope she's alright. I know what mental abuse is like but physical. . .pray, pray, pray, and be strong for her sake. And if you have to, even go up to her and tell her she needs to talk to the councler. . .it doesn't matter how stuborn she is. . .you can bribe her to go to the councler somehow.

by: Beth

Thanks guys! I told someone and it's all being taken care of. It's going to be really hard for the next couple of months whil everything works out (she was livid with me when she found out I'd told, but we're okay now), but she's staying strong and she knows I'll be with her every step if the way.

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