I can feel them near
My silenced heart they hear
Releasing silent tears
When heartache appears
They comfort me telling me I no longer have to fear
For god's word declares that I’m not alone for he is here
That wasn’t enough to repair a broken heart
I heard them but my ears were closed,
Blinded by what was exposed

They lifted my head and made me glance in the sky
And a hand pointing over to the right I seen with my eye
Glancing in that direction
I felt their affection
As I seen many faces smiling down at me
Wanting to love care and be there for me
That warmed my heart, but it didn’t last long
I wouldn’t let him speak or be strong
I heard him but didn’t capture his words in my heart
So they were taken away from me and torn apart
That wasn’t enough to get my attention
So the next thing you know I experienced confliction

He warned me in a dream to what awaited but still I didn’t understand
But when that dream came true he spoke about his plan
He needed my full attention; he needed to show me a few things
He needed to prepare me for what the future brings
He told me I was anointed and had a calling on my life
And he had to pull me away from the world so that he could be my strife

Everything became crystal clear
But apart of me didn’t want to let go of what was near
He was challenging me to come out of my comfort zone
To walk in to my destiny even if it took me to be alone
He was challenging me to walk in and trust and believe
That with him I would never be deceived
He was challenging me to go where I’ve never been
And see things that I never seen

Finally I got it but then I thought only if I got it sooner I wouldn’t have to be alone
But I had no regrets because his plan was shown
He prepared me for the best and the worst
But most of all he prepared me to put him first
He gave me words of inspiration found directly in his word
I just had to grasp it, fight through to get pass that jungle with his word as my sword

I look backed and said point out my wrongs
But he said your wrongs led you to me where you belong
I said but god could it have been another way
Could I have prevented things to escape that day?
He said the final say is in my hands
And don’t go jumping before me for I have other things in plan
I tried to hold a debate
But then I realized he was testing my faith

I looked up and said you sent me angels
Lead me directly to your words
You enlightend me with visions
And I said that wasn’t enough!
So why didn’t you give up on me
And leave me in my self-pity
But I got no reply
And I waited for him to speak
And then it hit me
My failures lead into a great success
I was able to profess and confess
My relationship had made progress
I was left with nothing but I felt a peace in my heart I wasn’t stressed
Through it all it didn’t matter what hand I was given to play in life
I was to play it to win it
And I did it!
I trusted the lord with all my heart and finally didn’t lean on my understanding!


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Love it
by: S'ambrosia

Once again you did a great job. When I read your poems I can almost hear the poetry jam vibe behind them. Have you ever read your poems aloud for people? I think if you turned this into spoken word it would be really powerful... well it's already powerful, but you know.

Wow Kristiana!
by: Anonymous

Kristiana, what a powerful poem - you are an effective communicator!

I forwarded your post to my niece to encourage her to walk in the power of romans 8:28. You made that point so clesr.

Blessing precious, and definitely keep writing!

amazing poem
by: cassandra

that's an amazing poem! its most definately very powerful. God's really doing a great work in your life.

by: Amanda

I am memerised by this poem it expresses how I surrendered to God ! Their is so much truth and self-expreession in this poem. To me that is pure
honesty at its best. GREAT POEM

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