by Alex

I am good looking, but I am going to have some botox, nose job and liposuction. I want to be better looking than I am now. I workout eat right and use skin care products. I will not grow old gracefully. I don't care when people call me shallow. I am also going to college. It's not a lie, it's the truth. Being beautiful helps, make life more fun and opens doors for you.


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May 27, 2010
It's the inside that matters
by: Anonymous

For some people they feel that they need to change the outside to make people "like them", or to "look hot". I was at this point a while ago about something on my face. I prayed, cryed, and even asked if I could get it removed. I knew God didn't really think I needed to do anything on the outside, but inside. When I was told no I would have to wait, i was devestated. I felt like i was at a very low point. After a while, I realized i needed to stop and nothing could help me except my Lord. So I picked up my bible and discovered this site, and what popped out to me the most kept saying true beauty is in the inside and self esteem. I started crying when I saw this. The holy spirit was speaking to me through God. If you think you are "ugly" or "not pretty enough", you are saying God's created something ugly, when he did NOT! Is all those surgerys going to get you into heaven? Or is it your unsides that will?

Jun 01, 2010
Please think a little on this
by: Anonymous

Hi =)

Let me first of all remind you that God loves you very much, whether or not you choose to do these procedures.

The procedures arent the issue, but I would examine your heart to see why it is important to you and what you think it will accomplish.

If you look at Hollywood, there are a lot of "pretty" people who are divorced, on drugs, and have a lot of relationship pains.

It's not wrong to look pretty. But there are a lot of people who thought it was the "answer".

What is it about yourself you don't like? I'll bet you are prettier than you give yourself credit for.

Nov 01, 2010
by: Victoria

Hi, I would just like to say to you, I too have felt that you make it farther in life because you are more attractive. Yet, I just found out this is not fully true. If you become confident in yourself, in no matter what skin Heavenly Father gave you, I believe that will take you the farthest in life! Confidence shows off as beauty, and I have recently learned that you don't have to be facially beautiful to have confidence! I hope this helps you to see that if you're confident, you don't need the superficial objects to make you feel more beautiful! You will always be beautiful in Heavenly Father's eyes! I would like to close this with one of my favorite lines from a book I read in Youth Group, "A guy may say you look good, but God says He is 'enthralled by your beauty; (Psalm 45:11). A boyfriend may tell you, 'Of course I love you', but God says , 'I have loved you with everlasting love; I have drawn you with loving kindness.' (Jeremiah 31:3). Even a (future for me) husband may tell you, 'I'm committed to you until death,' but God says to you RIGHT NOW, 'Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you' (Hebrews 13:5) and that not even death can separate you from His love that is in Jesus Christ (Romans 8:38-39).

Apr 15, 2015
Pretty or Beautiful?
by: Anonymous

To be honest, I don't think facial features or a hot bod has anything to do with beautiful.
It may be pretty,but real beauty is only from what shines out our eyes. Yea, yea, sounds cheesy but cheesy is always legit in the end.
Okay, say a hot guy comes up to u and starts abusing u,would u still think he's a cool dude? Or not? How about if a not so attractive guy was kind and genuine and treated u properly, which one would u perfer to hang with? Beauty has more to it then what meets the eye.

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