Modest Swimwear and a Question

by Emily



Hey thanks for making this site. It shows how to be modest in a very revealing world. I am 15 and the daughter of the youth pastor at my church so I have grown up with having to follow modesty. I have learned to really appreciate it.

For me, I found a great site for modest swim suits. It is a tad bit pricey but it is well worth it. The site ie I also have a question...

What tightness of jeans are okay. I really struggle on how to find the modest point. I hope you can help. Thanks.

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by: Amber

Jeans are always more comfortable if they are the perfect fit. To keep a modest, christian look, you should wear jeans that fit perfectly around your figure, not to loose, not too tight, but just right. You will not offend anyone if you wear jeans that perfectly and beautifully enhance your figure. Just do not over do by buying jeans that are too small for your figure.

Hope it helped!

God bless sweetie!

Amber E.

by: Heather

I agree that finding the perfect jeans for your figure is best, but I really think that the top you put with it is more important, that combined with the way you walk, and the shoes you wear. High heels are designed to draw more attention to the lower part of your body. If you walk swaying your hips a lot it will naturally draw more attention to them. The top part is hard to explain, but if it is a modest top then you should be okay. I personally like the longer tops. I don't like my tummy to show at all. This also aids in covering up part of my behind. Just my opinion, I hope it helps.

do it for Jesus
by: lydia

Hi Emily,
I guess everyone has their own definition for modesty! What has really helped me to dress modestly and for the glory of God is the Holy Spirit of God always reminding me that my life is God's. I have been bought with a price- the blood of Jesus. I belong to Him and I don’t have any right to do my own thing anymore than a stranger has a right to take anything from my house. So I don’t have any rules as to how tight or loose your jeans must be! Only ask yourself this: Am I wearing what I'm wearing to attract attention to myself? If I am, then I am a thief, because the only person I should be attracting attention to is Jesus. Otherwise I am stealing the glory that He can get out of my life. If you have a doubt, ask God. He will answer through His Spirit, who is always with you. When your life is totally centred on God and His will for you, you will find life a million times better than trying to live by rules!!

P.S.: its really cool that you want to live modestly in an age when people want to wear the bare minimum! Honestly, its great that at a young age you're sure of what you want to be. I pray that God gives you His grace and strength to live totally for Him. God bless you, dear.

by: Danielle


I would suggest that you do one of two things:

a) buy 'relaxed' fit jeans in your regular size, which are designed to fit loosely through the leg.

b) buy your preferred fit of jeans in one size larger than your regular size.

I usually prefer option B, but I've found that both approaches result in a more modest fit.

Hope that helps!

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