mixed life.

by Ele

I have people tell me i look pretty all of the time, but coming in to high school, a lot of people find imperfections about me, and its hard to listen to these things. Like, i have a big nose, i never thought i had a big nose until I came to high school. Also, i have always thought i was big, because my sister is older than me by a year and a half, and she is skinnier than me, and no one finds imperfections in her. All people say to me is, "oh my gosh your sister is like a stick", and im always thinking in my head, i wish i could have that body, but i know i never will. To make a confession, i've thought/tryed not eating, but it lasted until lunch when i got hungry. I just get so self-consious about how i look and weigh, but in the back of my head, i always think, its not what matters on the outside, its what matters on the inside. Ive just always been self concious about how much i weigh, bc my mom always tells me that i used to say i was fat when i was 4 becsuse my sister was skinnier. Well, thats my so called "life".

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May 11, 2010
by: Gigi

Imperfections are what make us beautiful. If we had no flaws, honestly, I think we'd be ugly and nasty people. Our flaws make up who we are! and a big nose is NOT an imperfection!
I used to compare myself to everybody- I still do sometimes, but I do have to be happy with myself, even if it is swimsuit season and I want to shed a few pounds :)
Don't think imperfections are BAD things, because they're not, they make up who we are and what we are!!! :) EMBRACE your big nose, dont try to hide it!!

God Bless!!

May 14, 2010
It is what is "INSIDE"not what is "ON TOP"
by: Maria


We have a cremora milk advertisement in South Africa that says "It is what is inside not what is on top"

I remember one day when i complained to the teacher at school about some girls who was gossiping about me he said."GOOD FOR YOU GIRL AT LEAST YOU KEEP THEM TALKING" GOD BLESS YOU!!. I THOUGHT HE WAS NUTS.He said people will always talk if you wear broken shoes they will say"Oe !they live in a nice house or drive a nice car but her shoes are broken and when you wear nice
expensive shoes they will say "Oe!they do not even drive a nice car or have a nice house but she wears expensive shoes.He said my girl if they stop talking about you than God is going to hold it against you so "Keep them talking"after all you are unique and different based on the information you give us.

Remember God makes "NO"mistakes he wanted to make your nose different.What people's opinion
is about "His"creation which is "YOU" "HE" does not care .What you must remember is "God makes no "JUNCK"you look just the way "HE"planned you to be.

Don't eat everything people feed you . I am sure their are certain foods you do not like to eat so if someone give you a plate of insults to eat give it back to them or throw it in the dustbin or else you will feel sick because you are allergic to insults if you know what i mean.

So "STAND UP STRAIGHT!Your nose will look different on my face and my nose will look wrong on your face"GOD IS NOT CONFUSE" maybe the people who comments on your nose must contact God I don't know how?to try and correct "HIM" ????let's see how God will respond after all HE gave you the nose so they must raise their opinion about your nose with "HIM"
don't you agree?

I can hear you would like to weigh less "Do it for "YOU" remember what i said above if you eventually weigh less people will have something else to complain about.......It sounds strange to say to a stranger "I LOVE YOU"but heh! I lOVE everybody God created including "YOU"and do like wise "LOVE YOURSELF" as you are "DO NOT MAKE OTHER PEOPLE'S OPINION ABOUT YOU A REALITY GOD

So smile and go out there just be a little childish and "STICK OUT YOUR TONGUE TO THE DEVIL"put your two hands by your ears saying 'where,where, where you thought you could catch me try next door devil.....

I don't know how old you are but i am older....
than eighteen but i still stick my tongue out to the devil if HE tries and bring me down using other people as His tools i don't let him use me to insult people and i stick my tongue out to Him if HE tries his luck with me do likewise .........Keep going...

God Bless

May 16, 2010
You are beautiful!
by: Laura

Hey Ele, I read your post and I'm thought, wow, we have the same struggle too. I frequently have my body flaws pointed out and it's hard not to compare yourself to others, especially when others are comparing you to people who they think are better looking. Can I share something a friend of mine told me a while ago? She brought up a verse to me that I think will be good for you.

"God saw all that He had made, and it was very good...." Genesis 1:31

Just let that verse sink in. God saw all that He made. (Including you!) and said that it was very good! He didn't use some standard of beauty like we use today. God created you with the nose, skin, hair and body that He thought of himself! The fact that God took the time to think of the specific features for you to have means that it's very good, despite what the world and others around you say. I'll pray that you'll accept the way that God made you and not listen to the condemnation of others, because He really did make you beautiful. There is no need to compare yourself to others. God's standard of beauty is not that of a perfect body but a pure heart. I pray that God's truth will sink into your heart.

"But the Lord said to Samuel."Do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him. The Lord does not look at the things man looks at. Man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.""-1 Samuel 16:7

Nov 09, 2010
Sister's shadow
by: Kacy

I have a problem close to yours, my sister,a runner, is uber skinny and gets called a stick all the time. people say they i sorta look like her, with my hair. Wow, thanks alot guys. At night she would go into my parents room to say goodnight, and I would hear praises such as "YOur soooo skinny lilli, your goregous!!! Your body looks great!" Im not even lying! ... then I would come in. my parents would smile and laugh but they never said the same for me.
Then high school. Ugggh! Questions always pop p in my mind like "are they looking at my legs, or my waist? And I would question why poeple were my friends. Through it all I just gave in and trusted God knowing, he always loves me!

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