by Amber H.

I look into the mirror

I don't like what I see
That's not perfect, that's just me
Those adults, they think they're so smart
They think it's just start and stop
But they don't know it's not just that
It's more than a fear of gettin' fat
It's not fittin' in, not lookin' perfect
Those glossy faces don't help nothin'
So as I look into the mirror,
I try to like what I see
That's not perfect, that's just me

Comments for Mirror

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your beautiful
by: Anonymous

Accept how you are. Mirrors are liars that pair with our mind to make us question too much and notice any little flaw. But Our creator, God, He made all things beautiful, and you're part of it.
Dont worry about your outward apperance.
Its temporary.
What is everlasting its Gods love. and our beauty on the inside.

by: Anonymous

Hi Amber, do yourself a great favor and look into that mirror again and smile.

For there reflected is a magnificent fearfully and wonderful creation of God. One who is deemed priceless being more costly than gold. One who's value is so esteemed by God that He sent His Son to die for you, so that you and Him can be One. This God, Whom you are able now to call ABBA, Daddy God created you, looked you all over and declared, "Amber is Mine, this creation of Mine is GOOD".

With all of that going for you Amber, how can you say otherwise? Please precious, don't make the mistake of allowing magazines, friends determine limit how you define beauty. You are beautiful - yes YOU. Give it up for yourself - be comfortable in your own skin. Love you enough to do whatever you need to do to engage in life fully and freely. If YOU feel like you need to lose a little weight, lose it - but understand this, you gotta feel good about Amber from the inside, no matter what size you are. Know what I mean? Amber, God never creates junk. The value of a thing is determined a lot of times by its rarity. There is only one Amber H. of Alabama. Appreciate that. You are unique and you offer another range of beauty. Hold your head up, square your shoulders and run with excitement with that which you bring to beauty's table! You got a lot of things to do Amber, stay before the presence of God, read His Word and learn to appreciate His great love and accetance of you. Ask Him to help you hear Him say to you what He said over His Son, "this is My (daughter), in whom I am well pleased."

Be blessed Amber!

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