by Motema

What a complex issue! I am very happy that people are thinking about modesty. My concern is that men and women lust for someone who is fully clothed - the person doesn't have to be in a bikini. We cannot control that! No matter how modestly we dress, someone might be lusting for us. Should we stay home and never be seen in public? I hope not... In some Muslim countries women completely cover their bodies but I'm not sure if it solves the problem.

I just don't think that the entire burden should be on woman. If she is dressed perfectly modestly and a man is lusting for her - he is at fault. For instance, God judged David for his lust for Bathsheba.

In summary, I did not solve the problem, which incredibly complex. By the way, God made Adam and Eve naked and THEY were the ones who wanted to cover themselves after the original sin. I am not advocating swimming naked :) God bless everyone and hopefully one day He will reveal a clear answer to this concern.

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my opinion
by: cassandra

my opinion is that if a person whether male or female, are dressed the way God would want us to dress, meaning for women, not wearing short shorts, short skirts, low-cut jeans that don't cover, shirts that show your belly, low cut shirts, halter tops, etc. and for men, wearing pants at the waist, and not "at the knees" and not wearing tank tops that expose their chest out in public, then its on the person who's lusting. if we're doing what God is telling us to do, and someone is lusting after us, we can't do anything about it. However if we're not dressed appropriately, then its of course on us, but also on that other person who's lusting.

by: Anonymous

It's not a problem to lust, just don't let it get the better of you. You can't control every thought, just don't let it ruin your day.

it is a problem
by: cassandra

lusting is a problem, the Bible calls lust a sin. "He continued, 'Its what comes out of a person that makes him unclean. Evil thoughts, sexual sins, stealing, murder, adultery, greed, wickedness, cheating, SHAMELESS LUST, envy, cursing, arrogance, and foolishness come from within a person. All these evils come from within and make a person unclean.'"-Mark 7:20-23

Hi there :)
by: Gigi

I agree with you, mostly though. I always think of it as, "If Jesus were in the room would I want to be wearing this?" or "If God commanded me at his heavenly gates this instant and I was wearing this would I want to be caught in it?" In a bikini with board shorts or a skirty thingy I don't think it'd be a big deal.
God gives us sexual feelings to spread towards that "ONE" one day.
Lust is a sinful thing, but I understand when you cannot control it & you want to control it. Lust is an extremely sinful & dangerous tool when used badly, but we cannot help ourselves either. Men were built to have feelings for women, men were built to have a stronger testocerone levels, they were BUILT for those things.
It is true- Even fully-clothed men can lust for women, if you're in a bikini they might not even think twice. It all depends.

by: tess

Bathsheba was bathing when David first saw her. Meaning, she was undressed.

by: cassandra

yea, but if you'll recall, david also repented, and the Bible said he'd sinned

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