Luann 101 my body image story

by Luann

I can definitely relate to Shelley if ever she's the one who has a story about acne and stuff. I'm suffering from acne and acne scars too...

My self esteem is crashing down right now. Too bad I'm going to college. I have built this thing on my head saying that if only these blemishes were gone then everything would be alright. It keeps haunting me night and day.

At first it didn't bother me but when my classmates started to tease me and then my maternal relatives started to humiliate me about it my world came crashing through. They like tease me even my 7 year old cousin.

I had depression too.. I keep crying every night. Well not just that... My mom adds the pressure. She's like always criticizing me and it did hurt me so bad. That's why I'm like this.. this person that I don't even know.. This person who doesn't even know how to believe in herself and even though my dad keeps telling me I'm beautiful I never believe him because I know deep inside myself that I'm ugly as a monster.

I wanted to change this attitude towards myself because it's not helping me at all. It's destroying me. I get to only live once and I don't wanna waste this chance. It's really really hard to change and I definitely need your help. Can you help me recover? Let's help each other... Please I really need this so bad..

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Apr 20, 2008
You are beautiful!
by: Stacey

Luann, it breaks my heart to hear what you're going through. Especially for you to say "I know deep inside myself that I'm ugly as a monster." That is a lie. You are beautiful. The Bible says, that God has made EVERYTHING beautiful in its time (Ecclesiates 3:11). That verse includes you, Luann.

I prayed for you today, and I believe that God can help you to overcome this difficult time in your life when you seek Him.

Keep your head up!! You don't have to live under the control of what other's say about you!

Apr 21, 2008
You are Beautiful
by: DeAnn

Hi Luann, My name is DeAnn Larson and I am praying for you and want to encourage you to continue to pray that God will help you stay strong in this time. Do you have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ? This is so important to know that he loves and cares about you so much and feels your pain. I don't know if you read the bible, but if you have one read the chapter of John and you will see what Christ has done for us and that he really does care so much. If you want to email me you can I would love to email you more if you would like. My email address is

I will be praying for you till we write again.

May 07, 2008
new kind of beauty
by: Kristen


You are beautiful. I don't even need your picture to see that. Every one of us is perfect in God's eyes. I am so happy to be able to believe that because I'm just starting to realize it myself.
I believe that with each and everyone one of us women, we introduce the world to a new kind of beauty. A new perfection. It comes with self confidence and a trust in God. We must try to give self consiousness to God. All of that gets in our way with a relationship with Jesus.
You are in my prayers, along with every other girl who feels the same way. (and you ARE gorgeous, my dear)

Oct 28, 2008
luann is beautiful
by: Anonymous

i cant believe you think you are not pretty. when i clicked on your comments and saw your picture the first thing that popped in my head is oh she is really cute, and that is the honest truth. i think your mom has her oun issues and is putting them on you someway. i pray that god gives you the strength to see what i see.

Sep 15, 2010
Your God's Gift and Stunning !
by: Keza Smith

What I am learning, is that my life is not about me. God allowed me to go threw things as a little girl that was hard for me to deal with although mine was not acne and blemished I was born with both of my thumbs bent. And to this day they still are,was I teased, YES! Did the teasing hurt, YES!. But as an adult women and looking back I know I went threw all that to tell other girl it will pass and the pain it cause will make you a stronger woman in the long run. Now I am 35 and it is not as serious because adults understand better then kids (most of the time) and on top of the thumbs my name is Keza so I was teased about that too. So I am telling you to stay strong and continue to keep God 1st with him as your protector the comments and the ridicules will be easier to deal with and will help you build your character to be more Chrislike. As for your mother , you may want to explain how you feel if you had not, and if you had you can't continue to dwell on what she thinks. When she tells you what your not, you tell her WHAT you are and that's one of GOD's most precious gifts, and he says your absolutely Stunning the way you are. Just think as time goes on your going to get BETTER!... Keep God close and I will keep you in my prayers!

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