by Nay

I know for sure that I am in Love with this guy.. we have been together for almost a year now. We have been through so many things together, some good, and some bad. But after every bad thing, I've always been glad that I have him around. I am 14, some people think it's too early to actually be in true Love, but I believe otherwise. No I have not been in Love with anyone else before. It took about 3 months for me to actually fall in Love with him, and since then, we have both admitted to each other that we are both in Love. He was my first kiss, and we have talked about other things before, we are really open.

My question is.. do you think I'm in a good position? Or do you think I am way too young and immature to be even thinking about a guy in this way?

Comments for Love..

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Re: Love


I do not think you are too young to know what true love really is. Good for you that you have found that true love, because they say it only comes once in a lifetime. You can other loves but not a really true love. And if you have found him and even through the good and bad times you guys still really feel the same about each other, ten it must be True Love.

Good Luck you two, I wish you both the very best in life and together with each other.

Keep me posted on how things turn out.

Re: Love
by: cassandra

well, my reply for you, is just to be careful..i was in love with a guy when i was about your age, or so i thought..really, what i was in love with was being around a result we ended up doing things we shouldn't have done..i think its good to talk about those types of things with your boyfriend, but in a way that tells him what your boundaries, and always be careful. Just please guard your heart, and make sure both of you keep God in your relationship.

by: Anonymous

Hello Nay,
Coming from an older person's perspective, firstly let me commend you. I believe you are such a wise young lady to even question whether or not you're old enough to be in such an intense relationship.

In my opinion dear, yes, you're too young. That can really wait until you're older with much more "living under your belt". As you mature, you improve your coping skills. You will need that Nay in order to have better relationships. Use this time to learn how to be friends, to have appropriate relationships with set boundaries. Learn who you are and what you want. Go to a bible study to learn about the love of God and how to be an effective witness for Him. You're not too young to be used by God and to know Him intimately. Samuel was six years old when he heard God call him. Jeremiah was 12 when he got the revelation from God that he was known even before he was placed into his mother's womb.

You and the young man got so much to give, so much to do, don't get entangled into something adults even have a hard time accomplishing.

God bless you Nay. You are an awesome young lady, enjoy this time in your life, childhood passes so quickly, you'll have plenty of time dear, to pursue the "other" things (smile).

Its called loving him, but not being IN LOVE.
by: Gigi

I believe its called puppy love, its not the real dedicated die-for-you love that married couples have. Sure, your emotions may make you think that you'd die for him and that you love him with all your heart. You probably do LOVE him with all your heart. ANYBODY you care for dearly, you love. Like, lets say, your dog or cat or any pet. Well, you care for it right? Do you love it? I'm pretty sure you do. You probably do love this boy, but you're not IN LOVE with him. In love is the kind of love between a husband and wife, but love can be for high-school crushes any anything in between.
Love just means you care for someone deeply enough to have strong feelings.
That doesn't mean you have to be IN LOVE

been right there!
by: Anonymous

I am now 25 but at your age I can tell you that I too thought I was in love. And I know you've heard this before but it is true. Your feelings can change. And you are probably saying "yeah right, I will always love him" because I said the same thing. You are very young and have a long time ahead of you to fall in love. I believe that you do love him, and at your age, you are in love with him, as much as you can love someone at that age. But when you get older and look back, you will see that it was nothing compared to what real love, as an adult is. But with that being said, there is no reason to feel bad or guilty or like you shouldn't or don't really LOVE him. You certainly cannot help how your heart feels. Just be careful to stay true to yourself and stay pure. The only reason why young love is so dangerous is because it causes so many teens to throw away their purity and regret it later on in life.

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