love song

by Child of the King:)

I wrote this song the day before Valentines Day. I felt like God was just touching my heart that whole day. I'm sure many of you have heard it, but the song Word of God Speak by Mercy Me had been playing over through my mind for a few days before then. That Sunday the pastor at our church said something that I won't ever forget. After the song service his words were, " This morning when we were singing, were you singing from your heart? Or were you just singing along because that's what everyone else was doing? Did you then begin counting down the hours until you got home so you can eat some dinner? Or did you just pour your heart out into worshiping God?" I go to a small church in Louisiana and honestly that particular morning everyone seemed to be ready to get out of there as soon as possible. That just broke my heart. Later that day some scriptures from the sermon that morning kept coming to mind. All of those scriptures that came to my mind was either talking about what love is, the love we should have for one another, or Gods love for us. Well I wanted to memorize some of those scriptures so I highlighted them in my bible(I know you shouldn't write in your bible but I think it's okay as long as your just highlighing a verse and not just randomly coloring in it:). After doing that I just had a sudden urge to play guitar. I played around for a second and had some chords that sounded alright together. Before I knew it I had a song put together. Now I'm kind of a shy person so I waited a few days until

I showed anyone and honestly this is a big step for me to post this. I just wanted to say that none of this would have been possible without God. He is my everything and I just love and adore him so much! Please don't think that I posted this to just show off or be like oh look at what I did. Because I promise you that is not at all what I am thinking, nor is it the purpose of this song. I just want to glorify God because he is so WORTHY to be praised. I hope and pray that this love song will touch your heart. Whatever you may be going through just remember that God is with you:) and he will never leave nor forsake you! God bless you everyone:)

Acoustic Guitar chords, capo 2, picking it softly: VS 1 and 2: G,Em,C,D. Prechours: Em,D,C,D,G. Chours: Em,C,G,X2 then C,G,Em,C,D,G

verse 1: I pick the chords I sing the notes but in my heart I feel something more than a song. I look areound the crowds, singing to but are they pouring out their hearts like we all should do.

prechours: lord you are worthy of our praise to the end of my days I'm gonna sing a love song to you

Chours: I love the way you took me in and called me your own. I love the ways you loved us enough to bear the cross. I love the way you carried me through good times and bad oh lord I'm gonna sing a love song to you

Verse 2: I lift my hands in praise to you but apparently people think thats strange to do. I'm getting stares but i dont care because I'm simply giving you praise

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Stay Strong
by: Sarah

You've touched my heart. I see so many adults and teens alike in my church just humming along to the song, not pouting out their hearts.
You've given me the courage to try and change that. To give them a wake up call.
Keep writing songs and keep praising our God.
Love, a sister in Christ

Beloved Child of the King
by: Anonymous

Precious, that was a beautiful! There is power in your love songs to the LORD, look at David's songs/psalms - even today heavy hearts are lifted and comforted as we read what was inspired out of his love for the LORD.
Be blessed dear heart and keep on writing those love songs to our great King!

I Love this song!
by: Mindy

I love the song so means so much to me to know that some one else who goes to a small church notices that the people dont really seem to care anymore about actually worshiping our creator who is AWESOME in every way. My church is in the process of closing down and this song gave me a reminder that no matter where we are in life in the "baby" phase or in the old and dying phase God will be with us and He will protect us. He has a will for our lives so we need to folow it. There is a verse that says do not worry about tomorrow this song reminded me to think about today.

by: Michaela

Jesus is so worthy to be praised and we just forget how to do it!

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