Love and broken hearted

by Olivia

I fell in love with my boyfriend when I was only 15. We were both head over heels. It was a healthy relationship, and he was very good to me, but eventually, like all dating relationships at a young age, we broke up.

Girls, I cannot lie to you and say "you're young, you'll get over it". Its been a year and a half, and if I were to be completely honest, I would say that I still love him, and am still broken-hearted over it.

Even though God is the Lord of my life, and has always been, it still hurts. I know that God is all I need, and He has helped me through moving on with my life. Still, Love is SOOO strong. Girls, don't kid yourselves, and always guard your hearts, because falling in love is one of the best, yet hardest things to deal with once it ends.

I know that Love seems like this amazing thing, and its natural to want to fall in love, and be in love. But it hurts SOO much when its over. So watch your hearts, and dont fall in love too fast.

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God wants to use you
by: Sarah

Dear Olivia,

I think that what you have written is very true. And you know what? Perhaps God wants to use your experiences to encourage and advise and guide other young girls who are going into relationships or considering to do so at a young age. If you browse this website you will see many entries written by young girls, and many of them are falling into love or what they think is love, and may end up getting hurt. You could use your experience to respond to them, to encourage and advise them.

I also want to encourage you, your heart will heal. And as long as you keep trusting in God and relying on Him and keep seeking Him, He will heal your heart and your pains. But He will not waste any experience. And when He brings the right man to you, He will show you that this is the man He has always been preparing you for, and you will know beyond doubt that God is good, your heart will experience an overflowing abundant joy from God, and the love from Him will overflow into your relationship and it will prosper as God allows it to prosper. God is a healer, He will take away your pain in due time.

Trust in Him.

In Christ,

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