lonely and depressed

Okay, I'm feeeling very lonely and depressed. I really want a boyfriend, and i've been praying for one for the past couple years. I've only had one relationship in my young life, with a boy that i thought was a good Christian but he only used God to get what he wanted from girls, which i figured him out though.

So i was fine for the past couple years even though i'd pray for a boyfriend every once and a while, i waited. but now honestly and truly im lonely, i do want a boyfriend, im not goan to even lie that i really want a boyfriend, everything has failed when it came to guys in my life. Either it didnt work because they didnt like me, they liked my friends, or it just didnt work,and i've had my heart broken and dreams crushed multiple times. I feel as if somethings wrong with me.

I dont know whats wrong with me. What make me ugly or what makes my friend prettier than me, or what makes me not interested in the guys that like me. I pray for a good boy to come along that i can spend time with, that would be their for me , and support me when im not feeling so confident. I"m at a time in my life where i want that affection , as bad as it may sound, I do pray, i really do, and i pray for happiness, but i get so lonely, its gotten to the point that i cry everyday now, its has become a suffering now. I pray and cry everyday, and i feel okay,then i start feeling depressed again. I mean i have a awesome family and some good friends, and i have jesus and God ,but i want a boyfriend, and i pray for one, and feel as if my motives are good, i told God how i felt and everything, but i know he understands what im going through and that he feels my pain,but what good is to come from my suffering like this. I dont need a man to tell me who i am, but then we were made this way. Adam and Eve are proof that we were ,but im praying ,and trying to keep the faith but im absolutely miserable

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God will grant you the desires of your heart
by: Sarah

Dear sister,

I would like to encourage you. There is nothing wrong with wanting to have a boyfriend, to have someone to be there for you, to love you, support you and all that. You are right, this is your needs and God created you this way. God knows your needs. Don't despair. He hears your cries and your prayers. He knows your innermost thoughts and feelings. And your time will come. You may not understand why you are going through what you are going through, and oftentime when we are suffering we don't know why. But take heart and be encouraged, because the Lord says He is always with us, He will never leave nor forsake us. He hears you and knows your heart's cries.

Our God is a jealous God, and He wants to be your first and greatest love. He wants you to love Him and seek Him with all your heart, to know Him, and He will then give you the desires of your heart.

Be encouraged, because God does not waste a single moment. He does not waste a single experience, even through this waiting time, He has a mission for you to accomplish. During this time, I beleve that He is preparing you and preparing the one that He has created specially for you, before you both are ready to be together. You see, you are not half a person just because you have not met your future husband. You are a full person in Christ. And you have to be full, and your future husband has to be full in Christ, before you both meet and be together. And then you will be able to carry out God's plan and show forth His glory.

Don't believe the lies that tell you there's something wrong with you. There is nothing wrong with you. It's just that it's not yet God's timing. Trust Him! Because God is always good towards us, He loves us and cares for us more than we can ever imagine. He is constantly thinking about us. He longs for our love and attention. He longs to be your greatest love and best friend and Father. Nothing else should take the place of the Father in your life. God alone gives you joy. The Joy of the Lord shall be your strength. Ask Him for this joy, that only He can give. The emptiness you feel can only be filled by God. Even a boyfriend will fail you, he will disappoint you. But God never fails and God never disappoints.

But continue to believe and trust in the Lord, because I believe the time is near. He will bring the man He has created specially for you.

In Christ,

Psalm 37:4
Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart.

God is in control
by: shaniece

i feel the same exact way sumtimes. i know exactly where ur coming from but now i have just learned to ignore those feelings at times.

one thing that i really wanted to say to though is that no matter how much u pray for a boyfriend,God may not give one to you.and believe it or not that is not always a bad thing. u may feel like u are ready to have a boyfriend but God is the only one who really knows you and he even knows u better than urself. so maybe the reason why he isnt giving u a boyfriend is because either the right guy just isnt where God wants him to be yet or because maybe God knows that u may not be emotionally ready for a deep deep relationship. And again that really isnt a bad thing

trust me just be patient.
i tink that this situation is in God's hands and i really dont think that this is someting that u should be worrying about
as much as u have been.
ill pray for you=)

Love, shaniece b.

He satisfies
by: lydia

Dear, I was reading through your letter and I feel what you feel. It seems so frustrating that no one you like seems to fall for you and you cant understand why. All I can say is God has a very special plan for you. I never understood why no one I liked ever proposed to me even though I did seem to be very "proposable" to. But all my longings and desires led me on to seek a deeper life in God where only He satisfies. It took a while for God to break me and for me to come to the end of my rope. I was so empty inside and everything in me wanted to find love for my desperate soul. (And this was after I was saved. ) I came to a place where I totally lost hope of ever being what God wanted me to be. Then, He opened my eyes. I saw how all this while my life was about me. Even the good I did was so I could get good name! Thief that I was, stealing the glory that God alone deserved from my life. My life was no longer mine anymore- I was bought, I was His. The old I was dead, the new I was now in Christ and Christ living in me. When the focus shifted on to God as centre, life took a whole new turn. I never knew such love and fellowship with God before. And trust me, all those days and months of loneliness were worth every bit and more! But there is always the temptation to satisfy your natural desires, but through the Spirit's power I put to death whatever is of the flesh and claim my victory and fulfillment in Christ. I'm complete now. Whether I get married or not in the future doesn’t matter now. Christ is all to me and He satisfies wholly.

So you see that God always has the best in store. A guy would have taken you away from God and made your life miserable. Keep seeking God, dear, He alone can satisfy and He will not delay in meeting you. Then you will also see how God has worked in every detail of your life so that He can draw you to Him so that He can give you Himself!

Love and prayers,

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