living off parents salvation.

this is hard for me to write,

But i feel as if i should,
So here it goes.

I'v gone to church My whole life,
I grew up in church basicly,
I Hung out with "church people"
and i went to church functions,
and i grew up with my parents being such "stong" christians,(i thought anyways as i got older i realized they werent will get into to that later) MY friends were all christians i went to a christian school, I was living in what i thought was a "christian life style" My whole life up to the age of 15 I thought hey if i go to church, and hangout with "christian people" im fine, i thought it was okay to drink and to cuss Because thats what my parents did so i thought it was okay to do those things as long as i went to church on sunday, I was living a horbile life, but i didnt even know it,
I was feeling such emptyness, i started doin things, to fill that emptyness of course none of those worked, But i was doing things i started cussing,(not just little words everyonce in a while) i was a full on cusser, it became a habbit!, i mean it wasnt hard for it to become that considering everyone i was around cussed my parents my "christian friends" they all cusssed, so i did it all the time, i started looking for love in the wrong places, although im proud to say i didnt do anything i wish i didnt, thankfuly, anyways my parents slowly stoped going to church stop living the christian life style i was the only one that went to chruch i was on the praise team but it was all for show for me, my mom slowly started coming back to church thank jesus, anyways i started living off her salvation i guess u could say i thought hey my mom lives the christian life style so im good, it wasnt till summer 2011 my whole
life was changed Highschool camp,(a christian 5 day camp_ GOD ROCKED MY WORLD!,
it was the best week of my life god changed my whole life, it was such a powerfull week words cant not express, the first night at camp, during the service i started crying because i felt so bad the service was about rejecting god i realized that and i felt so bad, i felt so sad, right then and their, I gave my life fully to christ which i never have done before really, I gave him controll of my life,

And Deciecd that i wasnt going to be One foot in one foot out i gave up my worldy Music, I gave up my cussing, (well im still working on that i do slip sometimes) and i just gave my life too him and even though i havent completly stoped cussing i know i can do all things through Christ! i came back from camp and started using my gifts god gave me for his glory and not just for show i started working with the children class at my church im on the worship team and i love it! im living my life for god! and i wished i did it long ago!, Because my life is so much better now i get along better with my parents, my freiends come to me for Godly christian advice, and god has given me really good christian friends to suround myself around!,

and i'm so thankfull for that, basicly my story is i was living off my parents salvation and finally at the age of 15 I have my own personal realtionship with jesus!, Young people Don't live off your parents realtionship with jesus, have your own personal realtionship with JESUS!

p.s im not a writer and some of it might not make sense, i apolgize for that and also my spelling. but thats all, my story might not mean anything to any of you but it means alot to me so i thought i should share

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by: Shar

First I want to commend you because at your age most teens are not worried about God. You made a big sacrifice for living a Godly life is not easy. There are so many temptations and so many habits that are hard to break. I loved you story because I am a new mother and I just realized how my parent's relationship with each other has affected me, I never even thought about their relationship with God. I want my daughter to love God as much as I do or more if she can. I want her to have her own relationship with him. So because of your testimony, a conversation that I make sure I have with her will be about building her own relationship with God.

God Bless You and you are a working progress, God appreciates that you are trying, so in time your habit will be a thing of the past!

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