Life Gone Wrong

by Alisha

I've lived a very good life; lived all over the world and I was okay with that. I liked moving around alot. Then one day my family moved to Alabama and I loved it there. I lived there for three years and had everything you could ever ask for. I had amazing friends and everyone in my school liked me The only problem in my life was that my house was not quite the place I wanted to call home. I was involved in an amazing church group that was full of people who were always there for me. Then one day my parents told me that we were going to move to Tennessee a week after school let out. At first I didn't think much of it, but after a while I realized all the things I was losing. A little while after we moved to Tennessee I became extremely depressed, I had no friends, I felt as though my parents just didn't care about me anymore, and nothing was going right, so I began cutting myself. It became extremely bad to the point where I would make myself bleed at church and I didn't care who knew it. Then my family decided to move to a different church and one Sunday the pastor was preaching about people having hard times and how God was always there and at that moment I realized that I had to forget about all that was wrong and love God and he would help me. I ran from the auditorium into the bathroom with tears running down my face. I gave my life to Christ and even though I still have many problems, especially with my parents, I have been so much happier and don't worry so much. It's easy for me to remember God is with me because every time I look at my wrist, and see those scars, I am reminded of a hard time that I pulled through. That's my story.

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by: Bee

Dear God, my heavenly father,
thank you for helping this girl with her pain and struggles and thank you for preaching to her through the pastor, and guiding her to you permanently. It warms my heart that you bought such grace and peace into the life of someone who had such self destructive way of being.
Thank you again Lord.

Bless you.
I'm 15 and i gave my life to God a few months ago :) on the 3oth of September i gave him my life, and welcomed Jesus as my lord and savior. You made the greatest decision in the world and i pray that God will guide you forever and that you live peacefully with him for eternity.

God Bless you.
Bee xo

What A Witness You Are
by: Anonymous

Dear Father, I also want to thank You for bringing Alisha through! There is a Promise You have made and dear LORD, we stand in agreement that this shall be done for Alisha. Cause everything that has given her pain be turned around for her gain and for Your glory. Use her mightily to set the captive soul free; use her dear God to make impact on her generation.

Keep and direct Alisha, we pray. We bind all evil alliances that would try to form a relationship with her, open Alisha's eyes so that she could really see who is in her midst. Give her holy boldness to stand against anything or anyone that would try to deter her from fulfilling her destiny and purpose.

We decree good health, wholeness and sound mind for Alisha. We decree favor and spiritual insight for her as well.

We ask this dear Father and for all of those secret petitions Alisha has made to You, we thank You for answering those prayers too. In Jesus Name, we pray. Amen.

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