Let's Be Real

by Stacey

It really irritates me that the media edits pictures of models. When I saw the video "Evolution" on this site, I didn't think that the model needed to be improved any after hair and make-up because she was already beautiful.

What they ended up doing was creating an unrealistic person....and then that person is what our society views as beautiful and is the standard we should all live up to! That is so not fair!

I know that constantly seeing "perfect" people in the media makes me feel bad about myself when I get a zit or don't have a flat stomach or feel like my chest is too small. I want to be the best that I can be, but my best will NEVER be perfect. I want to be able to be myself--zits and all--and know that I am still a beautiful person.

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Reality Should Be Our Goal!
by: Shelley

Good point, Stacey! I agree that I also have that same tendency to feel like I should look perfect. When in reality, as you pointed out, my best will never be perfect. No matter how hard I try.

Would you or I expect my 5 month old niece to be able to get up and make us a cup of coffee in the morning? Or would we think a 2 year old should be able to work and pay for part of the rent?

No way! We realize that it is an unrealistic expectation of them. That no matter how hard they try, they just won't be able to do those things right now.

It's not the best analogy because someday they will grow up and be able to make me coffee and get a job to help pay for rent.

But, you and I will never realistically be able to look like the digitally edited computer images of the models we see everyday.

Therefore, one of the lies is that we "need to look perfect" just like the women we see in the media.

The truth is learning to accept ourselves for who we are (just like we accept the 5 month old that can't make us coffee) and who God created us to be....zits and all...realizing that our worth comes from much more than our looks.

We will talk about this in more detail later.

Remember...Jesus said, "Then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free." John 8:32

We're on a discovery for the truth!

I SO agree
by: Rose

I didn't realize how much work it took to make the girl "beautiful" She really was pretty before but then we get the picture of her after in our heads. I honestly wish I could look like that but now I see that its not even real. God does NOT want us to feel low and ugly but with all of this stuff going around its hard to feel beautiful. The world has it in its mind that to be beautiful you must have. Big hair, white teeth, flat stomach, beautiful eyes, flawless skin (tan too),and ect...the list could continue. But I think we all should keep in mind that God knew what he was doing when he formed us. So if he wants us to have brown hair and brown eyes ( like I have :) Instead of beautiful blue eyes then so be it, because thats how he made us...I sometimes catch myself thinking about my friends. I compare myself to them so many times! I feel like they are all way WAY more beautiful than I could ever be but I realize that God made us all equal. Even though I still compare myself I will be working on just forgetting about how I look because when it all comes down to what really matters...our wordly body is at the bottom of the list. We get new bodys in heaven! Just think about that...Someday you'll have a completely NEW body that will be beyond what you can imagine now! I can't wait to find out... :) God does know what he's doing and he made us all beautiful from the inside out.

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