Let's be REAL teens with REAL beauty, not freakish alien lollipops. Look human!!

by Jaz

Personally, I think what the media is doing is wrong.

In that Dove video the lady didn't even look like herself after her 'evolution'. It's so wrong. I mean how do you think SHE feels. If someone changed one of my photos that much I would not be feelin' that great.


How can you 'compete' with THAT? No wonder 4 year olds are thinking that they're ugly.

How many people look that flawless? Not even the movie stars at the Oscars look that 'perfect'. (You can still see their pores)

I guess society has always been altering things to come 'close to perfect'. Corsets, foot binding, diets, plastic surgery etc. Its just sad that the more and more we are trying to look 'perfect' the more and more we see out imperfections.


This stuff is driving us to self doubt.
Doubting the bodies God has blessed us with.
And here we are starving ourselves (even though we have the whole supermarket in our pantries) and yet millions of people are STARVING around the world.

Not cos' they want to be 'skinny' but because hey don't have enough (if any) food.

I don't think we'd watch a World Vision or ADRA movie and say "O THOSE GIRLS IN LIKE AFRICA ARE SO LIKE LUCKY COS THEIR LIKE SKINNY".

Be proud of who you are.

I'm 15 and I struggle with the same stuff you do.
We all have our ugly days.

Lets make a stand. Tell your best friend she's beautiful.

Tell your little sister that you think she is pretty (be sincere, even though she is annoying), compliment your mum (she sees the same stuff you do too).

Be sincere.Be bold.Be proud.

Remember we as teenagers have a big influence on future society.

Don't fall for the beauty trap (I know , I know, I'm totally preaching to myself).

We all know deep in our hearts that its is wrong to lie.

"So stop lying to yourself by believing these lies".

Perhaps we should start boycotting some of these companies???

I mean, you wouldn't stick with some one who lies to you with every word she says? Would you?????

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