Is it so wrong that I don't really like kissing boyfriends? One boy told me, "I feel bad for your husband."

I've come to the conclusion that, because of the guys in my past--father, uncle, grandfather, and just guys in general--they have always just let me down. I've also gotten over this--although it does sometimes haunt me. I've decided that I think a kiss is an intimate thing, and I want to save the rest of them (although not my first) for the husband God has for me.

It really hurts sometimes because I feel like there's something wrong with me, though. No body else seems to have a problem with kissing their boyfriends. In all your honesty, do you think there is something wrong with a girl who doesn't enjoy kissing her boyfriend?

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no :)
by: Anonymous

no way! there is nothing wrong with you! dont let these people get you down. you shouldnt care what other people say, that is your decision and i think its a good one too. im sure the one God made you to be with will respect your decision on that :) that is a great way to look at it, and i myself wish that others knew that too. :) dont listen to what others say, they are not you. those lips on your face belong to you and not them. they cant say when you use them or not. dont let these people get you down. :)

by: Sarah

Thank you for answering. :) I honestly didn't know if someone would respond or not.

But you're right. The person God made for me will respect me for my decision, and that will probably be one of the signs that he is the one for me. But I'm content until then. ;)

Thanks again!

Better to wait
by: Shea

You are making a great choice by choosing to wait to kiss. It is a very intimate thing to do and if you do intimate things with several guys before you get married, your husband will only be getting the leftovers. It is way better to stay pure in every part of your life, not only for your spouse, but for God and for you too. So don't create that baggage. God told us to stay pure for a reason, not as a rule, but as loving fatherly advice. And for the things that people say and do, I pity them, because they have fallen for the lie that we should do married things before we get married. Here is a great video on this subject, I highly recommend it.

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