jealous :(

by alice
(des moines, iowa)

hi im alice and i am 12. pretty much the only time when i am happy is when i am with my friends. and even then i do not feel very happy. my best friends are three beautiful, sweet, funny, and loveable girls i have ever met. and next to them i feel hideous and worthless. my friends-they always have better stuff then me and all the boys like them. i just feel like i need to do something to be noticed.

but my dad always says that that is something you dont want. you want to stand out from the crowd---just not too much. but i dont know what to do because i love my friends so much but i cant help myself from being overwhelmingly jealous

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Jul 20, 2009
You're one in a million
by: Anonymous

If you appreciate who you are inside, you'll become confident. Think about the reasons why your friends, your dad, and God love you. God made you an individual! And as for the guys?

Well it's jsut God's way of keeping you safe from idiots, isn't it?

Lyrics from a fun song... "You're one in a million, he wants someone just like you"

You're the only one who can do what God wants you to do, sweetie! Believe in yourself!

Aug 18, 2009
listen to the people who love you
by: shaniece

first off you really should'nt compare yourself to others, u shuld be more concerned with how you feel about yourself

also just because your friends are able to get more things than you doesn't mean that you should feel insecure that you aren't able to get material things. having a lot of shoes, clothes, jewelry or whatever it is that they have will not make them any happier. Material things do not buy happiness and most likey your friends are probably going through the same things that you are going through. They may not know how to talk about their feelings or they may not admit that they are insecure because they dont want to look weak.

I think that your dad was right when he said that you should want to be unique and stand out but not too much. Sometimes when you start getting involved with boys at a young age, you tend to lose some of your independence. You dont want to find yourself in a position where you feel like you have to have a boyfriend or you have to have material things. trust me that is going to put you in a very tough and challenging situation in the future.

Besides, i think you are way too young to be worrying about having a boyfriend. You should be focusing on school, hopefully church, after school sports, your family, or whatever it is that you like doing.

Most of all keep your mind on God because no matter what you are going through He will never leave you. You will be O.K., just keep praying. As you get older this you probably wont worry about these things as much.

God bless,

Sep 21, 2009
look within

Hey Alice,

I totally understand how I feel because I feel like that sometimes. And guess what? So does everyone (excluding boys), maybe not much as you but us girls we are just like that.

But firstly I have to say this:
you say your freinds as beautiful, lovable and sweet and all the boys like them...........well Alice have you ever thought the qualities you recognise in them are qualities you have but can't see.

With all that time thinking your freinds are great when there are probably some boys who think you are so great but you are not picking up on that.

It's hard to believe that could be true but if you ask your friends I bet they feel that you have something that they wish they could have.

Aug 24, 2011
think of the reasons your friends love you
by: Brooke

I have friends who are really popular, get all the guys, etc.
But it doesn't matter to me anymore. They love me and hang out with me because im ME! As for the guys, I think most guys are idiots except for the occasional smart Christian one.

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