It's so hard

by Larissa

My name is Larissa, I'm in Grade 10. I'm a female who suffers from a severe mood disorder, self-harm, and anorexia.

I grew up in a pretty nice household... I guess it probably started with the bullying in middle school. I was constantly bullied for what I wore, said, did.... just breathing seemed to be a crime to them.
I soon got really depressed. I was constantly low and upset, and I started self-harming in grade 7.
It really took a toll on my self-esteem... and then I started dieting. I had no clue what dieting was really about, so it quickly spun out of control. Especially since I'm a perfectionist... I lost some weight and kept going.
I lost 30% of my body mass in 3 months. I lost 50 pounds. But, even more than that, I lost control. I lost myself. I lost any happiness I had left...
And soon my parents began to worry, and my relationship with my sister suffered. My sister and I used to be very close but, once I got very tiny, all we would do is argue about food.
And I couldn't understand why they were all so worried! I still saw myself as fat- fatter than ever, possibly!
My Mother got me into an outpatient program for my eating disorder. I remember all the thoughts and feelings surrounding that.... anger, frustration, hopelessness. I couldn't
control my weight anymore and it sucked. I would constantly self-bash and suicide thoughts became worse and worse.
I've always had suicidal thoughts, ever since the onset of bullying, but along with losing control... it was a downwards spiral.
I attempted suicide in November. I was in the child and adolescence psychiatry inpatient unit for about two weeks, and then I was released. I was put on some medication to help with anxiety, suicidal thoughts, and perfectionism.
I was doing well recovering but I hate to say that I've had a recent relapse. It's really hard to work towards recovery when there's this voice that never leaves you.

I now know that with anorexia, I didn't have control- I lost it. It takes a lot of willpower to battle that voice that keeps telling you "thinner... you fat pig you can be tinier! I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU ATE THAT MUCH YOU DON'T DESERVE ANYTHING YOU ---- FAT COW HOW DARE YOU!?". I battle that voice on a daily basis, and it's hard. I know how to skip meals. I like how it feels to feel weightless. But I know, that if I want to be alive and I want to at least TRY for a better future, I have to eat. I have to try. I have a lot of dreams I want to accomplish, and without my enemy- food- I'll never get there.

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by: shreya

Larissa,I am in grade ten,too.
You say you lost 50 pounds-that's big!
All I can say is I hope u gained them!
I am an Indian and here,being in grade 10 is a great thing.Studies are interesting and there are thousands of extra-curriculars,but I HAVE seen my friends shrink to nothing.All I wanna say is-ur figure cannot determine ur greatness.It's ur action that is your beauty,and u can trust me,we're both the same age and go through the same things.Right now,I am fat..I mean,of course I am not model-like tall and thin..I am healthy but I am not worried about m figure.I just wanna ace the next exam I am giving.Get an aim or ambition,it will help.It won't be hard any longer.Trust me. PERFEC"SHUN"! :P
good luck

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