(Pittsburgh PA)

i have heard people say that for example a tankini is like wearing a tight tank top with underwear! I disagree.... swimming is just like any other sport even though it has been reduced to a summertime pleasure. Just like while playing volleyball in the olympics girls wear "sport bra" type outfits they're not being immodest, they're trying to be the best in their sport not flaunt their amazing bodies! Same goes with really any sport that requires a "unifrom" type outfit. It's not immodesty it's a sport!!!

Please tell me what you think!

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by: EMMMeRs

Modesty is not only your body language, it's also your mindset. So your thoughts come across in your looks. So if you want to be modest, you'll dress modest. And i agree with the sports thing, as long as they're not trying to flaunt their bodies. But as for swimsuits, dress to look nice, but still hide your private parts.

by: Anonymous

the ancient Greeks (who started the olympics) would nude up, pour oil over their bodies, and cover themselves with dirt to make a better wrestling match. Nude was the best way to go then but modesty isn't about motive. It ins't about intention. It's about your right to only show what you wish. To dress modestly is to show less and immodestly is to show more. It isn't about purpose or intent but about actual fact. If you wear underwear, it's shows just as much as a bikini bottom. If one wasn't called by another name they'd be the same thing and then where would your argument go? Sure, one is thicker and I guess that is an intent to somehow show less but it really doesn't. However, if you really think there are exceptions to modesty based on intent, purpose, or motive, then I doubt that you'll understand my comment.

Tankini Supporter
by: Danielle


I consider myself to be a modest, yet modern woman. I do not participate is water sports, however, I do support wearing tankinis.

My tankini swimwear covers my entire breast area (no cleavage), mid-section and lower back. I wear it with a mini-skirted swim bottom.

I'm young, and trendy and I can still cover up when I'm at the beach. It's a great option because it's not weird (like wholesome wear. lol) but it's still appropriate.

Remember: modesty is as much about your attitude/mindset as it is about your swimwear choice.

The world says ok but the Lord says no!
by: Anonymous

God says we are to dress modestly in our apperance (1 Timothy 2:9 and 1 Peter 3:3-4) While these "sport ladies" may be wearing inappropriate clothes that does not make it ok for you! You can dress modestly and still play a good game, you don't have to wear a sports bra showing off your body! Our bodies our not our own, we were bought at a price therefore we need to glorify God with our bodies (1 Corinthians 6:19) By wearing things to "show off your body" you could cause a brother or sister in Christ to stumble and the Bbile clearly says that it is best to die then to cause one to stumble (Mark 9:42) The world will tell you that it's ok to wear clothes that show off your body but it's not the world you should listen too. You should follow God and what He says!!! If you believe in one part of the Bible then you believe in the whole thing, not just bits and pieces.....I'm not accusing you of this but I'm gonna use it as an saying it's ok to dress inmodest then you are saying it's ok to murder. You said one part of the Bible isn't something you believe (dressing modest) so it's like you are saying 'why believe any part if you don't believe the whole thing'..once again i'm not accusing you of that. I would suggest that you take this issue to the Lord in prayer and dig deeper into His word to find out what He says about it and not what the world says. The world is full of lies but the Bible and God is full of truth!!! Also, another thought for you....think of it this this what I want to be wearing when the Lord comes back? Is this what I want to be wearing in the presence of the Lord? and apply those to everyday cause the Lord is with us always.

by: tess

I think that as long as you show no clevage, and cover your belly and bottom, and ACT RESTECTFULLY, guys won't pay overt attention to you. However, becuase "swim dresses" are rare, people will pay more attention to you if you are wearing a s.w., than if you were wearing a bikini. I'm advocating looking normal, but modest, and not drawing unnecessary attention to yourself. However, if God and your conscience say to wear a swim dress, then go with that. Do not wound your conscience! Be modest, and stick to your convictions.

What about the men?
by: Anonymous

If those little sport bikinis are the best gear for playing beach volleyball, how come the guys were all wearing loose tank tops and loose shorts that were at least mid-thigh? Shouldn't they have been wearing bikini bottoms? I'm personally not concerned about people being modest in their swimwear--I am not of a religion that requires it. I was just annoyed that in many of the sports, women somehow ended up unnecessarily wearing things that were so much tinier and tighter.

In my opinion, women should have the right not to be harassed no matter what they want to while they swim, whether it be in ultra-modest swimwear, one-pieces, tankinis, bikinis, or totally nude. I just want swimwear that is sturdy enough to stay put and not fall apart for the amount of activity I want to do.

Sports Context Doesn't Make It O.k.
by: Heather

I agree that you don't need to wear a sports bra to play volleyball well.

Second, the sports setting, attitude, state of mind, does not make the showing of skin less attractive to a man. There is a reason men like to watch woman's beach volleyball, and it's not because they spike better than the guys.

I would like to teach my daughters to be "secret keepers", and to only share their sensual sides with their spouses, where they can do it freely, without shame and in a safe environment where they will be appreciated and hopefully cherished by their spouse. I would like to teach my son's the importance of keeping their eyes and minds pure, to see woman as their sister's in Christ, honoring their future wife and marriage in that way.

The way our culture thinks about sex, physical beauty and relationships is all wrong. We need to seek to view ourselves and our relationships Biblically. It is a challenge while on this earth, and as we still struggle with our flesh.

Thank God for His promises!

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