Im alone in a cold world.

"I wish I could be a flower, just so someone would step on me."

this is a facebook status i wrote once.

i was having a bad day and in other words, i wanted to die.

i feel like im in a cold world where no one cares.

i have tried to explain how i feel and no one understands.

sometimes i wonder if even i myself understand.

i have found a poem on this website called "My Silent Thoughts"

it described exactly what i felt! i couldnt believe it.

here all this time im thinking no one understands, that im all alone and this guy knows exactly what i feel.

I dont know what i feel, what i think, or what i believe.
i dont know who i am.

i used to know who i am and who i wanted to be.

and ive bn thinking that i want to be who Christ made me to be.

but ever since i decided that i feel liike all memory has been washed out of my mind.

literally, WASHED OUT.

my mind is so confused and clouded.

i dont know who i am or what i am and i need some serious help.

i decided God was the only answer and He was the only one who could help me.

I then realized, after listening to a sermon; God works THROUGH people!

I opened up to a couple of friends of mine and i have felt much better ever since.

I learned that keeping my feelings inside is one way the devil is trying to get to me.

that those thought kept deep inside you, the devil will turn against you and make you think WRONG!

that you should NEVER keep things bottled up inside.

Im still working on opening up to poeple i trust. YES, even people i TRUST.

im a teenager and in highschool and im so confused.

i have bn writing down bible verses and i read whole chapters.

like, i found 2 corinthians 5:17, i plan on reading the
WHOLE chapter instead of just that one verse.

i have like 3 or 4 pages full of verses that i plan on looking up.
(i highlight stuff in my bible too)

and i have decided to stay off my facebook for the rest of the wk to do just that.

even if it means not talking to my bf.

God comes first in my life, and if my bf truly loves me he will understand and be patient with me while im on this journey.

someone please find that poem and then comment on here and PLEASE help me...? PLEASE...?

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Alone In A Cold World
by: Anonymous

Hello dear one, I'm so blessed to see your quest to know God for truly that is only way to know who you really are and to appreciate your priceless value.

God's Word dear heart, is an anchor and a sure, solid and unshakeable foundation whereupon you can base your thoughts, your direction - your very life upon. Read It. Eat It out of your realization that truly it's in Him you live, move and have your being. Jeremiah 1, Psalm 139, Jeremiah 29:11 and Ephesians 1 tells you that "even before you came out of the womb, God knew you, loved you, created you because of purpose and ordained only good plans for your future." That's not hype, fairytale or religious jargon - His Word is True and It applies to You. He has also promised to "never leave you, that you shall dwell and abide under His shadow and be guided by the unction of His Spirit. He shall wake you up every morning and cause you to hear the Voice of your faithful, never-leaving Companion, your Savior and closest Friend." So dear one, you are not alone. You are not invisible. You are precious AND dearly beloved - He deemed you worth His Son's Blood.

Continue to study His Word, go to a church that will teach you how to be an overcomer and have joy in your salvation. Romans 8:28 is another powerful covenant Promise and we do decree It over you that our Sovereign LORD will, "turn everything around for your good and for His glory."

Be ever blessed dear heart and keep us abreast of how things are going for you. There's an excitement in our spirit about you, for we can sense that God is going to use you greatly to make impact in your generation! Be encouraged by your heart's deep knowledge that our God is your Never-Leaving Companion, your Savior and your Dearest Friend!

You're not alone
by: Abby

I've felt this way many times before and i still do from time to time but i have been able to pull through.
I am happy with the steps you are taking by reading your Bible.God is closer than you think because He is in your heart so watch him help you through these confused times...

Im alone in a cold world
by: Anonymous

thankyou anonymous for your help, wherever i see a bible verse i always write it down and look it up. i highlight in my Bible and when i do it helps me to read more carefully. i will try to keep you posted on whats happening like you ask. some people i know say i over think waaayyy too much and im way to careful. im careful in gaurding my heart as well as body (body, when it comes to guys) since i "over think" i keep thinking, ive gone thru alot of pain in my life, i keep thinking why is this happening? am i meant for something great? so it really caught my attention when you said you sence im meant for something great. - Abby, thankyou for showing me im not alone. sometimes i feel like no one understands, ive grown up thinking no one cared or understood. sometimes i wonder if even i understand. sometimes i dont. its just whenever i try to explain what i feel it comes out all wrong, or people just dont understand. how do you explain a feeling that you yourself dont understand? i thought if i cant explain it, God still knows what i mean. so just turn to Him. but i learned God works thru people also, so SOME people ive talked to understand and have helped me. i just want to feel happy again. ive pretended to be happy for so long that i dont even know what happy means any more. i need help.

Just Wanted To Say Hi!
by: Anonymous

Hello precious! Hadn't heard from you and was wondering how things were going for you since your last post.

God bless!

by: Anonymous

I am growing in the Lord. I broke up with my boyfriend cause I had a strong feeling God wanted me too. I did, and ever since, I have found my bf was hurting me and lying and ugh. He suddenly has a new gf and I am struggling so bad to get over him. But Im trusting God as best I can to lead me where I need to go. Whatever happens is meant to be. I came near suicide for my boyfriend and found he made me feel like a horrible person. he hurt me and when i told him I almost killed myself for him he didnt care. He's a jerk and I dont see how he could move on so quick. But Im trusting God to help me get over this pain and let go and forgive. Im trying to forgive myself and him. But.... its not easy. thankyou for thinking about me and caring. :)

You are NEVER alone
by: Anonymous

Precious, be ever mindful of this Truth, "Through Christ, you are more than a conqueror".

What I so love about being in Christ is His absolute power to take everything we have gone through around for our good (Romans 8:28). And after having gone through it, we can confidently make our boast like David and say, "It's been for me to have been afflicted because this has taught me the value of Your precepts" (paraphrased).

So continue to stay before the LORD and grow up in your knowledge of Him so that you may know His Truths to make you free. Free from the limited scope of man's opinion (even our own) and let the love of God determine your worth. His Son went to that cross, shed His Blood, paid sin's cost because He deemed you worthy! He loves you, created you on purpose and with an assignment. You are His beloved; walk in the power of that Truth and anyone born of God can overcome anything that comes against the child of God.

Be blessed precious - and always remember you are NEVER alone!:-)

by: Anonymous

thankyou so much, all of you have helped me alot. it just shows me that there IS someone out there who cares. my faith in God has grown so much and never do I want to leave. God created me for a reason and nothing's going to stop me from fulfilling it! May God bless each and every one of you for the courage and strength and love that is in you. Lights to the world you are :) <3

Hi Precious!
by: Anonymous

Hello precious! It's so good to hearhow you're growing in your knowledge of the LORD.

When I read your posts, immediately Jeremiah 1 comes to mind, "before I formed you in the womb, I knew you and ordained you..." that lets you know, you're right - God created you on prupose with an assignment - a destiny to fulfill.

You are not alone, you are not here on happenstance. You dear one, are here at this time in history because we need what was put inside of you - that holy thing - that God-given purpose that's empowered to make impact.

So continue to study the Word, learn of Him and be guided and kept by Him.

I'm so excited at the thought of God's great plans for your life! Stay in touch with us - let us know what's going with you. Be blessed precious.

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