I Wanna Feel Beautiful

by Heavenly Princess

90% of the time, I don't like what's reflected in the mirror. I see chubby cheeks, a round face, bags, flat hair, practically nonexistent breasts (literally, I'm 17 years old with 32 A bra size!!!), small lips....the list goes on and on. Yes, I know God made me just the way He wanted and that I'm beautiful...I just wish I could FEEL beautiful. I want to stop comparing my self incessively to other girls and I hate feeling so self conscious about not having any boobs.

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Feb 10, 2010
If you wanna feel beautiful, just belive it!
by: Natalie T

Oh my gosh! You are so pretty! Your eyes are beautiful, I love your hair too! My hair is Curly, sometimes wavy, sometimes(very Rarely)sorta staright, well, mostly my hair is very confused about what it is supposed to do. You are lucky to have straight hair, so you can style it more easily, and do you know how long some girls strive to get their hair to look like yours? I mean they spend hours just trying to get it straightened, I even know a girl who got it permantly straightened. You are also lucky that your hair is black, because I have blonde hair, and people usually expect me to be dumb, before they even meet me, but once they get to know me, they see that blondes aren't dumb and they just steriotype people like that. You are very pretty, Just think of all of the things you have to thankful for, all of your good features, even when you think of your "bad" ones, think of an advantage they have. It might be hard at first, but you know there is one whether you belive it or not. I hope this helps!!
With love,
Natalie T

Feb 10, 2010
Thank You!
by: Jenna

Aw, thanks! You just made my night! And yes, you most certainly did help! (:

Feb 17, 2010
Beauty is sometimes wrong
by: Gigi

I'm 13 years old-
I have D breasts
I have curly blond hair that reaches the middle of my back
I have blue-green eyes
I'm five foot six
I have long legs
Yet, for three and a half years I couldn't have thought I was even the slighest bit of pretty.
I know I'm pretty (well at least sometimes), but it was a HUGE struggle for me to be okay with myself.
Being pretty, it.... it's not everything. It doesn't mean anything. I was lonely because girls were so jealous of me, boys were intimidated by me so I never had a crush. You look at a girl down the street and go, Dang, she's pretty, but take a long look and see deep down into her eyes.
I was never ever happy with myself until I transferred schools.
Girls at my old school would always try to hurt me. They'd call me Lions Mane and say that I stuffed my bra for attention, but really, they were all just jealous.
Next time you WANT to be pretty, think of me, the girl who ALWAYS wanted to be un-pretty, just so I could even have a friend.

P.S. You're gorgeous by the way. God shines his beauty through anybody he wants to.

May 25, 2010
it's in your head
by: Anonymous

You are very pretty, it's in your mind you think your not. I am sure you are bright and funny too. Just think of christina's aguleria song beautiful. Don't listen to people, it's usually the jealous one who try to put you down. You will only get more attractive as you get older. Go to school and develop your mind as well.

Jun 29, 2010
you're beautiful
by: cassandra

you're beautiful the way you are. i'm a 21yr old girl with a 36A bra size, and not always happy with it b/c many girls younger than me are bigger but God made me the size i am for a reason only He knows, and thats how it is with you too, with everything you described above--He made you that way for His reasons.

Sep 17, 2010
Are you blind?
by: Anonymous

You are absolutely gorgeous. I read your paragraph and looked back up to make sure you were talking about that amazingly beautiful girl in the picture. You are beautiful ! Don't forget that and whenever you don't feel beautiful remember that GOD doesn't make mistakes. (:

Nov 15, 2010
been there
by: britt

aww your goregous... I think thats the worst thing you could do, compare yourself to others, bc there always will be someone better at other things than you are and so on. ( I struggle w/ comparing myself to people) but God made us for a reason and there's no one else in the entire world that looks, laughs or has the set of skills that you d.. so keep that in mind.

Feb 07, 2011
you are amazzing
by: aygin

you are verrrryy beautifull... you need to know yoursellf better and think about all good things that u have then you will know how amazing you are

Mar 08, 2011
by: Tess:)

You are so beautiful, and all you need to do is believe it. your confidence will shine through and doubt you may have. good luck, and believe in oyurself.
(p.s. that possibly may be the cheesiest thing i have everr...EVER said haha:)

Apr 18, 2011
You're really cute :)
by: Anonymous

I always thought girls were soooo silly for thinking they are ugly. I'm 14, 5'6, 149 pounds and really average. I have noticed that girls who think they are ugly try to cover it up and wind up looking foolish because they do. I am not the most busty chick either but I don't really mind because everyone in my family does.
Yeah there are some girls at my youth group who think that I am "plain" because I don't dress or act like them, but I have noticed that if a person acts like themself and doesn't complain to others that they think they're ugly, It shows they are confidant and makes them a lot more attractive.
Also...don't always hang out with girls. I have learned that boys are a lot more forgiving and make for great friends, not just people to "flirt" with and date.
:) Be confidant in who you are...God made you in His image.

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