I Need Help

by Sabrina
(Bostic, North Carolina, United States Of America)

My name is Sabrina and i am 15.. Think i am looking for my encouraging words than help. I didn't go up in a Churchy home. More like a Sinner's home. My parents didn't go to Church. And just recently 31 days to be exact i have started going back to church and got saved and all. And getting back used to School and all and the drama and being made fun of. Cause, i had quit cause, i threaten to kill myself and everybody thought i was joking and now everybody thinks its all a play off when it isn't cause, i wanted to die and somedays feel like i still want to cause, i don't know what to do. Its like being moved to another School I don't remember people and i don't have any friends cause, they all have turned their back on me and make fun of me cause, of i tried to commit suicide. And i was wondering how do you like work with it.

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Encouragement <3
by: Allie

Would it help if you ask your parents to homeschool you? I know that even public schools have computer courses some times and so do christian school. That might help with the peer pressure.
Just ignore those around you and lov them anyway.
I will also reccommend you read a chapter or a few verses of the Bible whenever you can. And Leslie Ludy and Eric Ludy have some great books for teens in the public school.
I am so glad that you decided to share this and ask for encouragement because you will definatly be in my prayers. Please feel free to respond and chat back and forth with me whenever. I would love to hear how you are doing and be able to encourage you in whatever way I can.
Find something that distracts you from suicidal thoughts. You may not realize it, but most music has a pull- you- down message to it. Can I reccommend you listen to Laura Story's music, and Chris August's "7x70" song, and Point of Grace too. They encouraged me more than I can ever tell! :)
Much Love in Christ,
John 3:16
P.S. What state do you live in? I may be able to reccommend some good churches with people who'll help you on this journey called life. Nad will love you no matter what! :) <3

Response Back
by: Sabrina

Thanks.. I have been taking online courses some and like its a christian school and i been doing online classes. And thanks i would love for you to recommend me songs and verses. I been going to my aunt and uncles church. And North Carolina.

by: Annie

Alright! I will.
I hope you are doing ok. :)
My prayers are with you!
Much Love! <3

by: kristin

My life is in your hands kirk franklin youtube is a good song at time like this

~~~ LORD loves you ~~~
by: Anonymous

~~~ JESUS saved and healed me from drugs ~~~ May the LORD bless you and keep you ~ May the LORD smile down on you and show you his kindness ~ May the LORD answer your prayers and give you peace ~~~ Glory to LORD JESUS ~~~

Have faith in God.
by: Mercy

have faith in God and believe that he will be with you. OK. Let me tell you a story. There was a frog who told himself that he would climb a tree and reach to the top of it. He started climbing the tree. When the other frogs saw him they shouted at him, "It's impossible!It's impossible!" The frog continued climbing until he reached the top. Do you know why the frog managed to reach the top? Because he was deaf. He thought that the other frogs were cheering him on. So don't listen to them. Just turn a deaf ear to them and pretend that they are encouraging you. It will help you. I hope this encourages you.

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