i hate my body

by Corrina

hi im corrina im 15 years old and i weigh 181 and im 5"4 i hate it every day i tell myself im not going to eat but i eat anyway i hate eating i hate being fat its nasty and no guy wants a fat girl for a girlfriend im in high school so its pretty hard its the summer for me and by the end of the summer i want to weigh 120 pounds or less and i want to lose weight fast and i have a little voice telling me that im a fat cow your ugly and all this other stuff can this be the voice of ana? today i haven't ate and i excersized for 2 hours i dont have a scale to weigh myself because my mom thinks it will just make me depressed so i dont know want to do i hate being fat i want to fit into all the nice clothes . can this be the beginning stages of anorexia? also i want to be a model

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by: Anonymous

ok.. i'm 15 also and i weigh 160.. i'm 5"5 and dont really like my figure either. i have tried and tried and tried diets but they never work.. so i've just accepted the fact that i will always be a "chunky" girl.. I'm like the only one that hates how my body looks.. i get compliments on it and stuff but 'I' dont like it! the devil tries gis hardest for us to hate who God made us.. to hate our body and looks so bad that we do do something drastic about it. I'll be praying for you and hope you sont do anything crazy.. :)

Hi (:
by: Gigi

I'm 5"8" and I weigh 150 pounds, and I'm not the thinnest either. I have to live with myself being heavier than most girls, but you just have to learn to accept yourself the way you are. You are the way you are because that's who you were meant to be (:
Sometimes, we do need a bit of a trimming down and I'm not against exercising to stay healthy and fit.
Drink a lot of fluids throughout the day and eat only three meals through the whole day, ONLY three, make dinner your smallest, breakfast your biggest. By exercising and remaining away from the sweets and high carbs you'll loose weight, but dont be in a rush, if you want to trim down theres nothing wrong with that, but you're not ugly at all.
By drinking fluids it helps fills you up better rather than snacking out on junk all day, which, believe me, I've done.
Don't feel bad about your weight, and dont try to become ultra skinny, try gaining muscle. And ALWAYS remember; muscle weighs more than fat, so dont be freaked out if your dress size dropped and the scale size didn't.
BTW, for three meals a day, at breakfast, have your highest amount of carbs- Like two pieces of toast with two eggs, it'll give you energy and you'll burn it off during the day- Lunch, have something light, like soup, salad, a sandwich, something dainty. And dinner have something like salmon with broccli. Stick to healthy foods and the weight will come off (:

Stop with the self hate
by: Anonymous

You will have to learn to love youself because if you think of yourself like that now it won't do anything to lose weight because you will still hate youself then . I know it has happened to me.

Please just eat healthy 6 small meals a day & get atleast an hour of exercise a day . Youll feel much better & you will lose weight . But dont do it for the weight do it to be healthy or it wont ever work . not eating will cause your body to only hold on to the fat . The self hate & eating problems has led me to the emergency room two times & i had to get surgery so that was a wakeup call for me. Now I am focused on being healthy.

You are Beautiful
by: Daughter of the King

Dear Corrina,

When you were in your mother's tummy, God already knew exactly what you would look like and he thinks you are STUNNING. Be happy with how you look. God loves you just the way you are, and so should you. Yes, these might be the beginning stages of anorexia, but if you call to God and ask for His help, I KNOW that you accept how you look and not fall into the despair and pain that anorexia causes. He can help.
-Daughter of the King

Im15 and hate my body
by: Angelina

I am 5"5 and 180 pounds i have huge thighs and i hate it everyone else loves my body and tell me im beautiful but i hate it when i look in the mirror i wish i could be skinny.

RE: Angelina
by: Heather

Dear Angelina,

I have always had thick thighs, so I can totally relate to you. They always bothered me growing up, but I'm over it now. What God has been teaching me is that beauty isn't a number. It's not a dress size, bust size, or a weight. Beauty comes from the heart. And chances are, if everyone tells you you're beautiful, you've already got the beauty that really matters.

by: Anonymous

I'm 15 years old and live in Sydney, I hate my body I weigh 65 and everyone else of my friends are so skinny I have a big bum that every guy likes my my thighs and tummy are huge!! I'm depressed over my legs I never can wear any cute shorts or jeans bc I'm just simply too big I love food and my mind never is set to diet I have no time for the gym I'm constantly working I just want to be fit and have a amazing body

I’m trying
by: Anonymous

I’m 17, 5’5" and 175 lbs. I hate the number. I hate it. I hate it. I hate it. I have a back disease that prevents me from doing specific exercises which makes me even more frustrated. I’ve tried the diets and the smoothies and the healthy meals; nothing works. I go to the gym 3-4 times a week and I’m not getting anywhere. Prom is in 1 week and I really wanted to reach my goal of not seeing a "baby bump" in my dress. I’m so disappointed in myself and I turned to online convos for help. I feel limited by my injury which doesn’t help my case any more. My friends are thin and complain that they’re overweight which just makes me feel even worse.

I’ve just lost hope.

I really don't like my body
by: Anonymous

I'm 16, 5'6", and I weigh 126 lbs. I bounce between 122-130 and I absolutely hate it so much. I have love handles and there are so many things wrong with my body and I want to just look skinny like how I used to.

I hate looking in the mirror because it looks like I'm only ever getting fatter and I cant take it anymore. I try working out at home because I'm embarrassed to tell anyone in my family that I want to work out because I'm afraid they will tell me that I don't need to and that it's silly. But it's not and I need it to happen because, how am I supposed to live in a body that I hate?

by: Anonymous

Starting off, I'm 15 also. I turned 15, a couple of months ago, and it hasn't been easy. I have always been one to worry about my weight, which at 5'1 1/2, and weighing roughly around 140, it hasn't brought me any happiness. I always sit around my house, giving myself hate, and constantly looking in the mirror at how I look, because I don't like my body. Now, growing up I never had a problem with the way I looked until around 7th grade (towards the end) and ever since then, I haven't been the proudest of the way I look.

It's hard trying to eat healthier, and lay low on certain things, knowing that nothing is working. Let me just say, it isn't easy looking at yourself a certain way, because seeing others who look "Better", or "thinner" than you, make you put so much more pressure on yourself, to try and look better. In reality, my mom is always telling me to give myself less hate than I do on a regular basis, but I do agree with the fact that it is hard, pushing yourself to look like someone else. Confidence is hard knowing that you have a larger tummy, or thicker thighs, or a bigger butt than your friends, does not make you any different.

I know that I have set goals for myself, and have never been able to stick to them, and it has been the most dramatic thoughts, that I have gone through, but it helps reading what others have to say, at least the thought of knowing we aren't all alone, can really help us all out, to make each other feel better.

You are all beautiful just the way you are. Embrace your imperfections (even if it takes time.)

Pressure by those close to you
by: Anonymous

I’m 15 years old. I’m 5"5 and weigh 130lbs. I know that doesn’t sound like a lot but I’m way bigger than everyone else in my family and they all make sure I know it everyday. Whenever I workout or go shopping with them they all stare at my stomach and make comments about it to the point that I often burst out in anger and start crying. They think I have anger issues but it is just that I’m super self conscious and already have a low self confidence so when they make comments I feel as though that is all anybody notices when they see me. I’ve tried many diets in the past and working out. The diets did nothing so I began to run 15km a day (9 miles). This was great for a while and I started to lose weight but it was way to hard on my joints and ended with me being extremely injured.

My sister always makes comments about the size of my boobs because she knows how much I hate it and it has ruined our relationship but she thinks it’s funny.

I just really don’t know what to do because I’m trying so hard and I feel as though I can’t accomplish anything.

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