i don't know what to do

by Jayse

see i met this guy i really like him and he told me he liked me too and i said it back. this happened on facebook chat, when i told him i liked him he said he was gonna be back but i sign out next day at school i thought he was gonna ask me out, and i told one of my friend he was my boyfriend because i thought he was gonna do it in person bt he didnt that day i was really shy and him too bt i didn't know if he was gonna do but i was waiting for him to do it but he didnt. the next day i hugged him as a normal day bt thats all. our relationship after we said we liked each other was a little awkward, the next day we had class together and i sat next to him so we could talk at the end of the period and we did bt we didnt talk about i wanted us to talk about and we where alone there was no one next to us and he didnt ask me anything the next class was with that i told her we where going out and she asked me how it was going with my boyfriend and i had to keep lying to her and i told her it was fine and one of hes friends herd me and he asked me if i was going out with hym and i said yes and he called me a liar and i guess he told the guy that like that i was saying that. next day i got to school really nervous because i didnt know if hes friend told him when i got to school i was waiting for him, when he finally got to school one of hes friend where talking to him and i had a feeling that they were talking about me and then hes friend called me and said this guy was calling me and hes friend was telling him " tell her come on bro just tell her" i felt kindah happy at the time because i thought he was finally gonna ask me bt he didnt hes friend tried to help me by telling him to ask me. and today i was on facebook and he was on and i send hym a message saying hi what u doing? and he said "listening to music and you" "same" i said then after 2 min i couldnt hold it anymore i had to ask him whatt was hes friend wanted him to tell me so much and he said " i dont know but everybody keeps saying you've tell them were going out" and i said " no i never told anyone we were going out" the he said ok and sign out.... now here my question what can i do to win hes trust back? or what can i do to him so he can ask me out?

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by: Brenda

Hi Jayse! I'm so glad you found our website and wrote in. Let's talk a little about facebook. Its a social network for friends and family to chat online. It's a lot easier for some people to say things in a note, or facebook than in person. Sometimes however, what is written can sometimes be misunderstood. When the young man told you he likes you, I'm sure he does, but maybe not quite in the way you would like. I can understand how you want to have a boyfriend. All girls want that. It seems to me that the young man you are speaking of, isn't ready to be a boyfriend just yet. That's ok though. I'm sure that you are a wonderful young lady and all this boyfriend stuff will come in time. One thing that will help you in the future is to never assume anything. By that I mean, when you assumed he was going to ask you out, and didn't. I understand your feelings, you were excited right? You told your friend that you were going out with him. I know this made you feel good when you said it, but it just snowballed. Tell your girlfriend that you didn't go out with him and leave it at that. Continue to be friends with the young man and maybe one day he will ask you out, but don't rush it. This will give you a better chance to get to know each other as friends.Jayse, do you know Christ as your saviour? I'm praying for your now Jayse. Christ loves you and wants to be apart of your life if you just ask. Pray to Christ about your misunderstanding with your friends. Christ will help you through times like these and you will feel a weight lifted off your shoulders. Christ has a love for you that you can always count on. My prayers are with you Jayse. May you continue to have many friends and a boyfriend one day when both of you are ready. Love in Christ.

thank u
by: Anonymous

Thank you so much for your word, and I really think that I should wait until Christ sends me the right guy. That what my mom always say.. And me and this guy are friends but it's kinda awkward being friends knowing how we feel. And I'm so thankful you are praying for me, really appreciated

by: Sharnetta C

I think you shoudl just be nice and respectful towards him and not push anything becuase boys are difficult at that age and i think he jsut got scared and im usre he likes you but hes probably not ready to be in a realtionship type thing quite yet and he probably didnt know how to tell you witho ut hurting oyur feelings or making it seem like he doesnt like you anymore. You should just let things maul over for bit and then when hes ready to talk he can come talk to you but if its to long of time that you cant wait anymore than you should just come rightout and ask "so whats up". you dont wanna guy whos wishy washy and scared of how he feels cause thats gonna get really old really fast. So my advice is jsut to put your attention on other poeple and things just to keep your mind busy.

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