I am dealing with an eating disorder

by Jessica
(San Jose, California, United States)

My name is Jessica and I have struggled with my weight for all my life. I'm only 12 and have decided that being Anorexia is the answer. I am tired of being judged because of my image. I want boys to notice me for me, but they don't give me the chance. I'm probably not going to stop until I get one guy to at least talk to me.

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by: Anonymous

Dear friend, if you get a "guy to like you" for the wrong reasons (your weight) that kind of love is worthless. For reasons I'm not commenting about, I almost died from anorexia. You have no idea how even sounds can hurt a person that haven't eaten for forty days and once you get there, only a miracle can save you. It is a lonely road of no return and no man is worth this price. Jesus had a horrible death for you and you worth more than your weight, the boys, or even your self-concept. You don't want a boy that will like you for how you look outside (trust me on that one, been there done that). Here is a thought that took me a lifetime to understand "if the door is closed, it is bc it is probably not good for me". Pray and ask God to send you the right friends. Honor and love yourself. You are beautiful in the eyes of God just as you are. He doens't want everybody to look alike, have you noticed? Believe you me, you are beautiful, you're just too blind to see it. Let God speak of His love for you through calvary. Accept being alone until the HOly Spirit talks to your heart and send you the right person. Company is not everything. Allow God to chose the right friendship for you. Pray and be willing to listen to His direction and don't for a moment believe that what separates you from 'them' is your weight. I used to think that people rejected me bc I was too thin. After many years of great effort I gain 60 pounds. That didn't work either, finally I understood...it was all about my relationship with God and God was protecting me from getting hurt. I was in no spiritual condition to chose the right person. I dind't understand back then that as a child of God I needed to respect the gift of life and respect my FAther and obey him. I didn't love myself and was searching for people that dind't have any love to give me either and then blame myself for their lack of love. This is a vicious circle. You are beautiful just as you are and you are worth everything because God left heaven to save you and He would have done even if it was just you.

ur slowly killing urself
by: shainece

u are putting certain parts of ur body at risk of surviving by not eating

being anorexic culd cause kidney and heart failure
and it culd also cause your bones to break easily because u arent getting any protein or vitamins

i think that if u want a gy to talk to you then you have to trully be confident in urself. Guys can tell when gurls and confident and when thy are vulnerable and most guys today will us u only when it is convienient for them and they could care less about ur feelings

so if u want a really good boyfriend then u shuld start learning how to love urslef for who you are

Please don't turn out like me, please
by: Anonymous

Hun, I'm telling you now that the path you're headed down is a long, difficult and ugly one.

I have just recently admitted to having an EDNOS (eating disorder not otherwise specified) and have begun to seek treatment for it. Honestly you might never get thin enough to be anorexic ( I never did, though i did get quite thin) and it only brings negative attention. Sure you may think (as I did) that being thinner will get guys to notice you, but do you know what not eating and malnutrition will do to you? You'll lose all those lovely curves that the majority of guys go for (trust me you get a lil more attention if your hips, bum and bust are round and firm rather than pointy and angular or just flat) and honestly you'll become too tired and preoccupied with food to care what others think. Not to mention the anxiety, stress and extreme sadness that you have to deal with if you don't reach or stay at your ever smaller weight target.

Save yourself the pain and heartache, eat drink and be merry sweetie. Don't ever think you are not good enough for anyone, because you are perfect just the way you are

Im happier
by: Anonymous

Hey guys im slowly recovering from my ED i havent felt this happy in a while. As you go on your ED gets better.. im seeing a counciler it just made me tthink that theres more to life. AT least im not blind at least i don thave aids... who cares?
im happy my ED started a year ago in july when i went to mexico and i was going to live with an obese family and not going to the gym thats when my fear of gaining weight happened and i went through a huge change in my life graduated and moved out of my house for the first time.. i juist got skinnier and skinnier... ive started eating properly (well a little more properly i admit) im 120lbs before i was 107. Im getting a tattoo soon. Its not worth it .. the life you waste thinking about your weight.. dont waste it be happy theres more things to worry about it life i wish i would have thought of that earlier

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