I am a Dancer

by Caroline

I am a 13 year old dancer, which makes it MUCH worse for me because you have to wear tights and usually booty shorts (which make me see my butt as huge) and a leotard which all of these things show your body outline perfectly! And then there are all the girls in there that look at you. Then comes the BIG LONG MIRROR which is right in front of your across the whole entire room! So i have to look at myself in that mirror the whole time in dance. I am not to worried about my face, well not at all really. I am mostly wanting to change how my butt looks and my thighs. To me I have a huge butt! And some girls say they wish they had a big butt which I dont get at all! I wish i had a tiny butt like some girls! Then when you move down to my thighs. Ugh.... there just so dang big! And they tough at the top and it makes me look fat! :( And now i am like super scared to wear a bathing suit because it shows off my thighs! I know god sees me as beautiful and oh how he made me in his creation...but this is the one thing i wish i could really change about myself! I want tinier thighs! And some people say its just muscle but when i feel it, it doesnt at all feel like muscle! It even jiggles! so how is it muscle!?

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Sep 05, 2012
im a dancer too
by: Anonymous

hey! so I just wanted to say that i struggle with the same thing... i always feel like my thighs are too big and flabby. my butt has gotten kinda big too, which is really annoying!!! but i want you to know that, even though i dont know you or know what you look like, you are beautiful. because God made you. I know its a hard thing to do, but God will help you start to accept the parts of your body that you dont like, and He will show you how amazingly beautiful He sees you!!! :)

Jun 11, 2014
I'm a danicer too
by: Anonymous

honey believe me what you have is mostly muscle there isn't any possible way to lose all your fat (that's why they jiggle) but think of it this way those skinny girls almost always are either born that way (I have always petite), have an eating disorder, diet alot, or work their butts off every day. I think you are lucky I have never liked how much of a boyish shape I am (b cup and 32 inches around the hips) as it can be very hard to gain muscle and find appropriate clothes in my size. I am entering freshman year as a varsity kicker and a JV jazz team member. I joined the team in eighth grade and had no dance experience prior most varsity girls are tall and have been dancers since they started kindergarten so for me I stand out alot that is whatmakes me nervous because at five foot one I connect to someone four inches taller than me (five foot five) and someone that is five feet we are the shortest girls on the varsity team. I love my team mates though and wouldn't give up for the world and all it's riches!

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