by sarah

i'm 16 and i self harm
i was bullied at school and still do even at college people still do. i'm am a quiet and a shy person but sometimes i don't do anything for them not to like me.

Comments for HELP!!!!!!!!

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some Help
by: Natalie

It's not always that they don't like you, it's that they want to take advantage of you. Most bullies are all bite no bark, like they can dish it but they can't take it. Stand up! Tell a teacher, don't be scared to. Treat bullies as if you don't have to go down to their level to deal with conflicts. Act like you don't care what they're saying, ignore them or maybe even make a joke of what they said to shut them up. Ex Bully: Your shirt looks stupid! You: Oh thanks, for noticing I wore my stupid shirt today! Or you can use the yes and tecnique, to make it look like what they said was immature and stupid. Ex: Bully:Your so ugly! You:Yes, and, I think I'm beautiful and I don't have to have your apporval , also beauty isn't the package, it's the gift, also my lord apporves of me and that's all the approval I need. I hope this helps! Maybe you can even sort of mock them not literlly I mean like go aganiest what they're doing, if they give you a dirty look, don't put your head down and wonder what's wrong with you, simply smile back to them confidentley, and don't give them triumph of their actions. Also, always be confident, or at least look it even when you don't feel it, you can always talk to the lord about anything, there's no stop light saying you can't talk to him right now. The lord wants you to be whole-heartdley honest about what your are feeling. I recommend taking to a church friend, or a trusted friend about this issue. Sending love and prayers to you,

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