help to stop cutting please!

by breanna



I don't get why I cut myself. I'm 13 and cut myself alot. I have so many scars up my leg and on my wrist, it's gross. When I'm mad I cut myself and it even outs my pain it releases the anger and focuses me on the fact I'm bleeding everywhere. I tell myself that I'm not going to do it anymore and tell my friends but then something happens and I cant control it.

It doesn't even have to be something big that makes me do it. My friend does it and she's getting put on pills and i think it's dumb how will a pill help you stop? After I cut myself I get in a up beat mood and smile and feel better I don't know why it weird. Please someone give me advise I feel depressed all the time and I want it to go away

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try this.
by: angel

i cut too and im tryin to stop. im 16 and have been cutting for 3 years, so yeah. i know kinda wt your goin through.try writtin or drawin. i know it sounds stupid but keeping a journal has helped me.

thank you
by: breanna

thanks angel :] i like talking to people about it but i dont want my family to know and my friends arent much help

God can help
by: Anonymous

Try to talk to God and a trusted adult or friend. If you are upset or angry, try to punch a pillow or scream.

i know
by: Anonymous

i know what your going through also i'm 14 and i have been cutting myself for two years now how i got help is my friends saw it and i told them i would stop but didn't what i did is went to the guidance counselor at my school and made them swear not to tell any one or it would probably get worse he hasn't told my parents yet so i'm glad and i'm getting the help i need you should try it to.

Get help!
by: Sam

I know you don't want to tell your parents or talk to counselors about it, but they have more wisdom about these things than you do and can help you get free from this. You don't realize it, but it's become an addiction. You don't even have to think about it before you do it. That's dangerous!

Sometimes pills help because depression is the result of a chemical imbalance in the brain and they need the pills to help them to be able to think straight. That's not the case for everyone though. This is why you need to seek professional help, dear. You need to find out what's causing you to hurt yourself like this so you can take the next step to get out.

So for the last time (not to sound like a broken record, haha).. get help! And come back to the site and keep us updated on how things are progressing after that first step so we can continue to support you the rest of the way. I'm praying for you and I love you, sis.

You can try this
by: XxBeautifullyBrokenXx

I used to cut too, all the time. It reached the point where I was risking my own life. I almost cut too far several times, but I didn't think it was a big deal, because I wasn't hurting anyone else, right? Well I was wrong, and it was a huge deal. I started wrapping a rubber band around my wrist and whenever I thought about cutting, I would snap the rubber band a few times. It stung a little bit, but it was a lot better then cutting. Then I eventually just didn't think about cutting anymore and stopped wearing the rubber-band. I have gone a year and a half now without cutting. I hope this helps, good luck.

by: Prayer

I think you should keep something to do in your hands. I bite my nails, and i know that doesn't relate but it's the same in general. I try to keep a bouncy ball or a little toy in my hands to play with so i can't bite. when i'm mad i scream and hit and kick my pillow. don't get too violent, but it works! hope i've helped.


Im sorry
by: Anonymous

I dont know what to tell you im a cutter too. im actually doing it right now. im sorry i wish i could help.

by: Nessa

i agree .
i cut myselff and am also 13.
i started writing poemss
and it helpedd a lottt !
...alsooo ..if youu
stayed focused on something other than
cuttingg ((musicc .moviee .anythingg ?))
hopedd i helpedd hunn <3(:

by: Sarah

Heyyy... im 14
I used to cut my self... although my reason was my mom is abusive, and my step dad is a creeper, and my life just basically sucked.
Cutting realeased my emotions and gave them somwhere to escape. It made me feel great!
But then my mom found out...
She made me stop
so i became utterly obsessed with my friends, my music, and just got out of the house ANY time i possibly could
but it was extreimely hard
once you've done it, and you know how it feels, NOTHING is quite as satisfying.
Which is why i advise everyone to never start.
and i still have scares, and i still have urges.
its hard to go from being able to realease all your anger, to suddenly having to keep it all inside you.
I know its incredibly hard but you really need to stop.
Wear a rubberband around your wrist and snap it when you "need" to cut.
It also helps to have an amazing boyfriend =)
I dont know you but i hope you'll consider
take it from somone who knows, SCARS SUCK!!!

Trusting Friends
by: Jimmy

I used to cut myself alot. The reason I stopped is because the scars I get are not normal in any way. Thare very thick and very red.Thare like speed bumps.
I would say talk to somone who yu really trust and who you know would want to help you.

by: Anonymous

I've cut too. I stopped, cause I talked with my friend, and she said that I should write to her when I wanted to cut. It helped a lot {:

by: Heather

I cut as well, Ive heard that drawing on ur arms helps or try snapping a rubber band or hair tie on ur wrist. i hope all the things people are saying helps you out! and i want to let you know that ur never alone! god will be with you forever!

by: sammy

im 23 and i have been doing it for 6 years. i have a child and all and i stoped when he was born but did it again just the other day. but u are so young u have ur whole life ahead of u so plz stop. i went on pills it did not help it just made me more sad so dont do that. u need to talk to somone, believe me it helps a lot to talk. i have talked to pepole and it has helped a bit but everone is diff so try it and i hope u stop. plz, u dont want to be my age doing this to ur self ok take care

same as u
by: courtney

i cut an i'm 14 turnin 15. i been cutting for a year now maybe two this ssummer but i mean i been in and out of hospital but i'm tryin to stop everything. the cutting an burnin sucks cuz some people dont understand unless ur depressed an cutting

I can't help but cry for us
by: Nadiyah

I am a cutter at the age of 23 and have been since the age of 12. I just wish that we all can save ourselves before it's too late, and it already is. The pain should never be corrected with more pain. It cut me so deep..... they told my mom if I didn't get help she was going to have to bury me. I'm 23 and I was told by many people im murdering myself. how true is that

somone help me plz
by: sammy

its crazy how people look at us like we have too many probs and we need help, but sometimes i feel like no one can understand me and wat i been goin though. i just wish i would not have to do this to my self cuz i dont want my son to see his mom go though this.

Good Luck
by: Suzie

I've been cutting since 4th grade... I'm 16 now and I've tried every single way to stop cutting... I've even tried to kill myself! The scars I have are so prominent and so deep, and sometimes the cuts bleed so much it scares me. My friends raid my room whenever their over and literally strip search me to make sure I don't have any razors, but I feel as if they are hypocritical, because they cut too. We all have our reasons and mine's because my mother and father are both abusive. I wish I could help you, but I'm looking for help myself, so all I can offer you is good luck.

by: Anonymous

I saw something on a show that helped by friend stop. Maybe u can put a rubber band around your wrist and snap if u feel the urge to cut.

ur not alone
by: xxx

yeah, i know exactly how you feel i dont under stand why i cut my self either my cousin thinks im insane... soooo i talked to one of my friends and found out that she used to be a cutter but stoped because she couldnt stand it any more so she started useing plactic knifs and just scratched herself.. i dont know if im helping you but i can stop either so dont worry ur not alone.
XXXXX i have x'es all over my arms... they are scars...

by: Bryanna

My name is Bryanna too, and i also cut myself wen i was 13. im 15 now and i have stopped.

the first time i cut myself, i got in trouble by the school. they almost gave me a d-slip, witch i didnt understand. so my mom totally freaked out, i told her i was gonna stop, but i so lied.

i did it once more like two weeks, again i got caught, but this time i wanted to stop because, its selfish. if you die think about all the people around you that will suffer just as much as you are right now.

Im not gonna sit here and tell you lies, so my life isnt really any better, they kept telling me you can stop its not hard, but there not the ones who have the scars.

Do i regret it? YES!! to wake up every morning look down and you see the scars that remind you of your biggest mistake of your life, umm yeah thats pretty regretful.

every one says no one can change you, that you have to change yourself. Thats not true, you know what change me, a hobo that lives down the street looked up at me and smiled. hes teeth were absolutely frighting but he had a scene of hope, even though he knew he wasnt gonna live his dream, he had hope in his eyes. And this is your time to have some hope that one day your gonna be amazing, and i dont think you wanna have thoughts signs of pain engraved in your body.

these scars
by: Anonymous

the scars that you make hurt more than the pain that made them. the pain will go away one way or another.... but the marks stay with you for eternity....! people care about you. even these strangers who you have never met you are showing how much they care. imagine how your friends and loved ones feel. get help. i feel for you. i hate these scars just as much as the rest of us. i wish i could take back all that i have done, but all that we can do now is cope, deal, and move on with our lives and make the best of what we still have left. love youuuu!! good luck to you!

I Know
by: BrendanZoeckler

I know how you feel im 14 and i know it hurts you inside. Cutting wont help i know. Im a self cutter as well i have found a girl that has saved my life. I was almost dead until i met her. I have been on many cutting sites talking to victims of depression. This wont help you (cutting) you need to try to find someone you love. Im sure many of us on here dont want to see another suicide. i know your mad thats the reason i cut, but it only works fo a little while then yor back cutting. its like a drug its hard to stop but you need to find inspiration to make you stop. no one can do it on their own its hard. i hope that this is helpful. love Barney (nickname)

me to
by: Anonymous

I understand what you mean. I am 15. I also cut myself. I used to a lot. I still think about it every time I get mad or when I get sad because it keeps me from hurting other people. Sometimes I get so overwhelmed that I don't know what to do besides cut myself. It started as piercing my cartilage because that hurts really bad, but then it kept getting infected because I would do it myself, and that also hurt. I have pierced my cartilage over 11 times. I lost count. I hate my ears now. I cut myself on my legs. I wear short sleeve shirts so I would never do it on my wrists. I don't know you at all. I just know that we have that one things in common. And let me tell you, it is not worth it.It really isn't. No matter how mad you get or how sad it is not worth it. because even if you don't think this is true. People love you. and you should love yourself. I am learning how to love myself. You are 13. I was 13 when I started cutting and stuff too. then everything went down hill from there. Don't cut yourself. Learn to love yourself.

by: Bailie

My name is Bailie.
I'm 15. and I used to cut
It took a couple of months to stop.
My parents never knew.
I asked God to help me. and he did.
get help.

In ourselves
by: Liana

i have been cutting for 2 years, I know I can stop if I want to but I don't. try to throw away all your blades, avoid being alone, theses are all methods I used and I stopped for a year maybe u can go longer. The strength is in ourselves- turn to yourself for happiness not the blade

what i did
by: Anonymous

it ain't hard to stop. if i can then u can. ive been cutting since 6th grade n just stopped this year my 11th grade year

by: Anonymous

I'm 14 and i cut as well. Hun,i know exactly what ur going thru and im deeply sorry for you.Just know,that there is many people that care about you. Im on depression medication and that doesn't help me stop cutting. So don't let ur friend think that medication will help you stop cutting.

by: Sarah

I'm 13. I used to cut, and I started when I was 12. When I started I couldn't stop. My parents never would have guessed, but my friends knew. I know this post is probably really old, but why not.

I felt the same way you do (or did) when I was cutting myself. It calmed me down, and I was more focused on the bleeding other than what caused it. And after, I was happy.

Last Christmas I was helping my mom decorate, and when she told me to pass her a candle she saw my forearm and told me to go to my room and don't come out until tomorrow for school. And when I got home, to go straight to my room again. This repeated for 3 weeks.

After that I just stopped. But till this day I still can't understand why my mother punished me for depression, instead of talking to me about it. But it's not the punishment that made me quit. I just thought to myself, why am I doing this? What am I getting out of this? And the answer was: Happiness. But, whenever you see someone with scars on their wrists, you really wouldn't get the first impression that they're a happy person, now would you?

What I'm trying to say is, I did it because I THOUGHT it was making me happier. Truth is, it was making things worse.

Mee Too.
by: Chelseaa.

I Cutt To && Imm Onlyy 12.
Onlyy Two Friennds Knoww, But No Onee Understannds.
We Cann Gett Throughh Thiss Togetherr.

im 13 and do it
by: brooklynne

yes,i cut myself not deep but i cut myself i told my parents and i say i will stop but i just cant when i see my wrist i just want 2 do it again when i gert mad i also do it then i go outta my room and act like nothing happened i dnt draw to help me nothing like that i just cut up my wrist i no its gross looking but when i look at the scares i just want 2 do it again

You can be saved
by: Christ's servant

You seem to be having a hard time. I to have had a hard life, never have I physically cut myself but I believe everyone cuts themselves in some way this can include eating disorders drinking drugs shopping to much trying to be perfect drowning yourself in stress school work or even sports and working out. However I do believe that you can change your way of cutting into something that does not physically or emotionaly harm you. That may include finding god. You see if you becoome addicted to something good like god then you won't be able to think of a reason to cut but you will want to please him. God saved my life he can save you too. I am Christian and without god I would be dead right now. I will pray for you! It helps to fight every battle on your knees with the bible as your sword. God bless you!

Some ideas
by: Anonymous

Get involved with a good church youth group, if you're not already.I'm,14, I cut myself for 8 months, then went to Go Tell summer church camp. I have worked really hard to stop, try drawing with red marker, free verse poetry, artwork (swirls and black are good), and journaling. Also prayer and Bible study seem to work. Be strong in faith, talk to a youthleader or pastor. I text mine(he dealt with drugs and alcohol, and he helped a girl with my same problem)whenever I feel tempted to cut, and he texts back to tell me he is praying for me. He prays for me until I text him to tell him that the urge is over and whether or not I resisted it. He texts me with scripture quotes and paraphrases, like " you will not be tempted more than you can withstand." It really helps.
Try To Write Love ON Her Arms, they are reputable and helpful.

by: Holly

Most people look to cutters as if they are crazy.. we (yes we, i am a cutter trying to fight this addiction) are not crazy. We cut to show our emotions on the outside instead of bottling them up on the inside... To stop I keep a journal. To another person it doesnt make sense... it consists of phrases, incomplete thought, words, sometimes stories... anything that i have realized that makes me cut. We all have our own conflicts in life... I have to let God and people around me help me. I have to tell someone. I have to open up to somene i trust...and that someone may just be a paice of paper and a pen... I like my life.... but i hate myself... i want to love myself...
I mustvallow God to help with this addiction and give my life to him.

I agree with the first comment :D
by: Anonymous

I'm 15 now and i've been cutting since I was 12, lately alot of my friends have been cutting too. But you know what I've told them to do ? Write or draw, both help me since they chill me out. But my friends have continued to do so and it really does help them alot :) To be honest alot of people need a big shock to help them stop, I had one once when my razor slipped to deep and bled for about 2 days..since the cut kept re-opening. Point is, find something you like to do and do that when you feel the need. Lets hope you don't shock yourself out of cutting :/

by: malibumelon

try and let God into your life. I'm so sorry about your situation and i'm praying for you. dont take your life for granted. you're surrounded by love.

I'm the same
by: D.J. Backflipz

Im 14 and I cut to ... After watching two videos on suicide depression people finally started realizing depression and Ionia the reason why you cut cuz it's the reason why I cut .... When you get angry you cut or hurt yourself I stead of other people ..... I was physically nd mentally abused for 9 years ... I've been cutting since 6 or 7 no lie and my mom has always called me a Nazi cuz I have shirt hair nd cuz my dad is german so finally Instead of cutting lines I cut 15 swastika signs in my arms chest neck nd leg nd this happend when I was 13 ...... Thanks hope we can both heal

by: Anonymous

I started cutting and it feels really good because it's a way to release the emotions you're feeling but in the end I know I'm hurting myself more. This scarring will be with me for life and if I have kids one day I don't want them to see, because it's not a sign of strength but of weakness. We have the power to overcome the things that keep us down and the people who hurt us. It's hard but I'm working on it and you should too. It's just like an addiction. Really try to find some other outlet for your emotions

by: Daddygirl

Hey Im Natasha And im 16 i Cut MySelf for the last 3 or 4 years so i kinda know what you feel g2g

You Got To want to stop.
by: Oli

I used to cut myself too.Im 14 years old.I used to cut all the time, I told myself it would help me forget about the pain, but the truth is, it doesnt.And I recently stopped cutting do to the CPS, My mom, and Dad both got in trouble for my mistakes.They found out i cut, and now, I dont live with my parents at all, I have to go to mental health, I cant be around sharp objects.But I did quiet.I quiet because i wanted to.I didnt want these scars on me.I didnt want people to look at me and think "Oh damn He cuts so lets keep my kids away from him". Cutting is how i lost my bestfriend.He told me if i didnt stop cutting myself he wouldnt talk,txt, or call me anymore, i didnt believe him, and i cut again.he found out.Now Me and him are basically strangers.You don't want that for yourself.Your stronger than it.You take control.I hope this helped.<33

Heres a webstie
by: lianna

Cutting is a bad habit.
Sometime you just got to pray to God about it and to help you to stop.
other times this website works

Sober for over a year :)
by: Nanmi

I'm 19 years old and been a cutter since I was 13. I still feel the urge to do it a lot and it's really frustrating. I was hospitalized for 13 months in 2010 for cutting and trying to kill myself but I haven't cut (majorly) since August 2010. I admit I have slipped up, but only twice. And the cuts weren't bad at all. What really helps me is writing in my journal. I write songs, poems, short stories, or even about my day. I listen to music and sing a lot. &apparently, those who drink 4 cups of coffee a day are 20% likely to be LESS depressed. So I hope you like coffee. :) Thank you for posting this. I was feeling very alone.

Help stop cutting please
by: Bella

I know what your going through!!- I'm 12 and I cut myself as well. It makes me feel less stressed and it makes me only focus on the cuts and the blood that is everywhere. I really hope that u r able to stop, because it is a really bad thing to get into!!

by: Anonymous

I started cutting and I really don't know why...
My friends were cutting and they needed help too. I told them to use the rubber band technique. I used it before I started cutting and then I started. It sucks, oh I know it sucks. I'm thirteen too and I just really hope you find/have found help before it's too late. I hope this helped.

by: Anonymous

I did too, but then the scars made me feel so disgusting and I want to throw up when I see it. I just started doing other things, like I kind of locked myself in my room, and stay up each night listening to music, music really helps me through it all

me too
by: rachel

im 14 and have just started cutting and i see it as punishing my self or when i get something wrong in class i get so angry with myself and dig my nails into my skin until i drew blood. i wear lots of bracelets to cover it up but my friend used it cut so she saw the signs, she is trying to get me to tell my other friends but i know how protective they are of me and last year when i did not eat for days in a row they threntand to tell my parents i don't know what to do

I tried
by: Anonymous

I tried so hard to stop rubber band on wrist drawing writing even the butterfly on wrist. Nothing is working I just enjoy the cutting. Its an escape. I've been cutting for ages and no one has noticed! :(

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