by Matell
(St. Louis, MO)

Help my heart find the aid it desires.

Help my heart gain the strength it requires.

Help my soul find its perfect mate.
Help my soul seek the path to heavens gate.

Help my eyes see the truth about life.
Help my eyes see most things that are out of sight.

Help my brain function properly.
Help my mind open up to reality.

Help my hands do wonderful deeds.
Help my arms reach far out beyond my reach.

Help my feet walk in the path of the Almight GOD.
Help my legs never give up on me as i walk.

Help my ears listen carefully to the silence of the wind.
Help my ears hear the unheard thoughts that lye within.

Help my voice be heard.
Help me by listening carefully to my words.

Just help me understand...
Please lend me a helping hand...
To comfort my heart&soul and help it expand...
And reveal to me what i lack to see...So that i can..

Thank You GOD.

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He Loves You Matell!
by: Anonymous

Matell, I just love your writing for it's so honest. Please dear heart,continue in your search for Truth,remain thirsty for righteousnes, for LORD has some great plans for you!

He loves you Matell and is calling you to Him. Before you came out of your mother's womb, He wrote things about you in His Book of Life. You were created on purpose with an assignment. The time of your birth was strategic; you were created at this time because we need to be blessed by your God-given purpose.

Isaiah 9 tells us, "unto us a child is born, unto us a son has been given." You have been born. Why? It's your responsibility to discover that answer. That's why we thirst and hunger for "more" to life - that's His call.

The heart that knows that Truth is filled with gratitude, to know that in spite of whatever has happened, it cannot stop or hinder the Will of God from manifesting in your life. Through faith in Jesus Christ, you can rise up stronger, better and wiser. Knowing, I mean really knowing that He loves you Matell is humbling and it fills your heart with such awe and gratitude that your only response could be "Thank You God!"

Matell, you are such a wonderful writer! You remind me of Habakkuk "I will watch and see what the LORD would say unto me...and He said, write." Matell, I want to encourage you to stay in our LORD's presence and learn of Him, go to a bible study that teaches you how to understand the bible. It will help you to "hear His Voice" and bring great encouragement to your heart.

Be ever blessed Matell and keep writing! I always love reading your poetry!

by: Shakail Moore- Dayton Ohio


How Can I
by: Matell Walker

How can I get to where I need to go without being detected?

It is like negativity has its own virus, and the world is being infected.

How can I feel secure when I cannot be assured that the world is protected?

How can I learn to move on when I feel as if I stand alone?

How can I stop and unravel the thread that I have already sewn?

How can I judge others and get pissed off when they judge me?

How can we all get the non-understanding to understand that if it wasn’t for Jesus, we wouldn’t be?

All it says is to have faith as small as a mustard seed.

I know that when destruction comes, I will stand as strong as a PALM TREE.

How can I know if he chooses me, if I do not tend to want to believe?

But most of all how can I be free if I do not take the necessary steps required by my feet.

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