Help me please!

by Chloe
(Kansas City)

Hey, I'm Chloe and 14years old I'm struggling with anorexia and have been skipping meals for about a year. I don't eat breakfast or lunch but I have to eat supper because my family eats together and they would notice if I didn't eat but I am even a Christian and have been going to a Christian school but I feel so ugly and fat because it seems that everyone else is prettier than me and have boyfriends, which I don't have I really want someone to talk to but I don't know anyone that I would feel comfortable talking to. please someone respond to this? thank you,


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you're beautiful
by: cassandra

hey girl, even though i don't know you, nor have ever seen a pic, i can already tell you that you're beautiful just the way you know how i know? b/c God made you, and He doesn't make anyone ugly!!!in my opinion, He doesn't know how to, B/C He makes EVERYTHING GOOD!!!and ugly is not good..i've been where you are though..not with the Christian school part, but everything else i have been..don't rush on trying to get a have PLENTY of time, and at your age, guys are still pretty immature, and really not ready for a boyfriend/girlfriend committment like that yet..i know..i'm 21 now, and i've had few boyfriends, but even my last one, which was only a year ago, was extremely immature..but honestly, i do think you need help..what about even going to a local health department and just saying that you just need some help, and they should help you confidentially.

Create Your Own Community
by: Princess

Yes, Chloe, I agree with Casandra. Get confidential help from your local health department and pray for a godly and mature mate. In the meantime, why not tap into your other gifts that God gave you that will not fad over time. Can you draw? are you good at helping, science, math, etc? Find what you are good at and help others. over time, you will find a guy who loves you the way God made you and not based on superficial Hollywood standards of beauty. If you truely deisre a boyfriend which will lead to marriage, talk to God about it. He already knows and He will help you. Between prayer, counseling, and using your gifts, you will grow stronger on the inside.
I know its hard to watch everyone else get what we want, but God promises that if we put him first, he will give us the (Godly) desires of our heart. If I could start over again, I would do things differently when I was your age. Look to other christian girls your age at school for support, especially those who are the ¨outsiders¨ and confide in them. They may feel the same way you do, but you may notice that they have gifts that you admire and you to them, likewise.
Last but not least, do not hold this from your parents and pastors. Create a community of support. Most adults have been where you were and are ready to help you be all that God made you to be!

by: S'ambrosia


I agree with Cassandra that when God created you, He fashioned a perfect specimen and a very precious gem. The key to overcoming your struggle with anorexia is believing this truth with all your heart. Anyone can read Psalm 139 and know that God thinks they're beautiful, but their lives won't be transformed by that truth until they allow it to truly saturate their hearts and eternally effect their thoughts. I want to encourage you to ask God to reveal to you who He created you to be, what your identity is and what He sees when He looks at you. Write it down!

Once you have a solid identity in Christ, the trouble develops when we start comparing ourselves to others. God made each and every one of us unique and His definition of beauty is a far cry from the definition our society holds today. Our society has homogenized beauty and says, "If you don't fit this mold, then you are out." Heidi Klum kisses you on the cheek, says "auf wiedersehen" and kicks you off the stage (sorry for the Project Runway reference, lol). Don't fall into the comparison trap! Celebrate who you are in God and the fact that He made us all different. To look at someone else and desire what God gave them is to tell God His handiwork sucks or needs improvement... I don't think that's true do you?

Choose to believe God's truth over the world's and learn to walk in your God-given identity.

I also echo the opinions of the other ladies and encourage you to seek help from someone in your life...preferably your parents, a teacher, school counselor, a youth pastor, etc. It's been a while that you've been skipping meals and it might be hard to just decide to start eating again. Whomever you talk to may be able to find you nutrition guides that would help you transition into a healthier lifestyle. In the long run, what you're doing to your body now will have some adverse effects, so it's very important that when you eat, you eat right.

Disclaimer: I don't eat as healthy as I should (I rarely ever eat fruits and veggies anymore), so I'm taking my advice to heart too! We can choose to eat healthy together:)

You are not alone.
by: Natalie Hoffman

Chloe, I went through exactly what you are going through, except during the 5th grade. I felt like i was lesser than everyone else, because they were all skinny and pretty, and i didnt feel that way. I developed anorexia just like you, which i still battle to this day. I got hel[p, and went into remission. I suggest that you tell a close friend, or maybe a trusted teacher. Getting help is key. There are other ways to deal with insecurities. You are beautiful. You are human. I am a very insecure person, and i can relate to your story. But the most important thing to know is that you are not alone.

i am the same
by: shelby hannon

hey i have an eating disorder "anorexia"!!! thats the same thing i would do too!! skip everything except dinner. i wrote a story its called light at the end of the rode. you schould read it! i am doing way beeter though! i am in school right now haha!!! i just got on to check to see if i have any comments

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