Help Me Lose weight fast, Please!!

by kathy

i need to lose alot of weight and fast, but it would also help if i gained muscles. I eat so-so (healthy wise). i need some tips!

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hit the road
by: Anonymous

dont cut down on only reduces muscle weight not fat as much as you can....

God can help you
by: Sarah

Dear Kathy,

I just want to pray with you. Some people think that God is very far away and not concerned with our problems that we face from day to day. But I want to tell you that that is not correct. God is very much interested in you and your life, and He knows all the struggles and problems you face.

The best way to lose weight is to exercise, cut down on the unhealthy foods like fried stuff, deep fried stuff, fast foods, anything oily, sweet stuff including snacks, soft drinks and sweets. All these should be a minimum in your diet. Rather, strive to eat healthy foods, eat more vegetables, fruits (especially when you feel like munching something), and choose healthy ways of cooking food like steaming, grilling, and eating fresh foods.

And do exercise! Run, walk, go to the gym, do whatever it takes. And exercise regularly. Find an exercise buddy who will exercise with you and keep you in check. In fact, you should find someone who you can be accountable to, even for your foods. And ask this person to keep checks on you to see if you are exercising and eating right.

But most importantly of all, pray. In all things always pray to God first. God is the God of our lives, every part of it. So make your requests known to God. And pray consistently, because God will answer your prayer when you seek Him. And also, check your own reasons for wanting to lose weight. Is it to look good for someone else? Know that you are already beautiful in God's sight.

Praying for you,
In Christ,

the person below me... not so much
by: shaniece

i agree with the person below me
you shuld not cut down on food
what you should do is eat 5 healthy small meals a day. Also drink as much water possible. The more water you drink the fooler you will be after a meal and you wont be so hungry throughout the day. Drinking a lot of water(8 glasses a day)helps you lose weight, it helps your skin(preventing you from having acne breakouts), makes your brain process things easier and so on and so forth

As far as woking out, you should not run too much. The reason being is that when you run too much, you dont just lose weight but you also lose muscle.

So, if you are going to run, you shuld probably run 30min-1hr. and then do resistance(situps, pushups, squats, lifting weights etc.) for the same ammount of time.

that is how you should try to lose weight
and keep praying that you will stay focused on just being healthy and in shape

God bless,

I hope this helps trust God and remeber you can ask Him for anything
by: Anonymous

Ok so I strugled with my wieght last year I became stressed about losing weight fast so much that It made me gain more. Then I found the 30 day shred by jillian michaels. I would do that every other day and run the other day. Let me tell you I hated to run! I found that when I ran out side with music it helped. Now I have lost 20 lb and am so much healthier. It was hard for me but I love runing now everynight in different places. Never become stressed. God looks at our hearts, do not worry about what other people think. God's opinion should be the only one that matters. I beileve now in taking care of my body because it is a Temple for The Holy Spirit. I hope this helped you good luck, have fun!

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