HELP!!!! I want to look sexy for school

by poppy

i get picked on at school for spots,big lips and big eyes. but when i go out i do all my make up i think i look good.

help me. how do i look sexy for school?

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You don't have to
by: Sarah

God gave you a body which you should love, make up can make the face more blotchy. Having make-up on is like a mask on, are you trying to make people love you or the face? I have been bullied for many years cos of the was I had dressed and cos I had massive pimples etc. That has made me insecure. But the fact is it made me realise that people are trying to put you down, no matter how good or bad you look. If I was with you now I would be your friend :) Remember it's the inside that counts. Just pray to God that he keeps you strong. Find people who like you for who you are. Being "sexy" is not a good thing. God tells us that we should not make others lust for us. The Devil is making you believe that you are not good enough. But you ARE good enough. God loves you and is very fond of you. Who cares if some people don't like you? God rewards you greatly if you stay true to him. He loves you the way you are and there will be others who would do the same :) Don't go for make-up. You are God's temple, keep it healthy and pure not all sexed up.

True Beauty
by: S'ambrosia

I may just be a stickler for words, but I don't think "sexy" is good word to use here. If you try to look sexy, you will definitely attract the wrong kind of attention from guys! Trust me... you don't want that kind of attention.

I don't think there's anything wrong with wearing makeup, but I feel like too often, girls wear makeup as a mask. We don't feel good about the way that we look, so we grab our mask and cover up all the imperfections. Makeup doesn't reflect your true beauty at all! Do you want to know what my secret beauty tip is??

I never wear makeup, even though my skin is flawed from picking at my zits back when I was in high school, and I still have breakouts from time to time, but I get complimented on my beauty all the time. Why? Because I have confidence in the beauty of the woman that God created me to be. I don't measure myself by the world's standards of beautiful (because I probably wouldn't be considered beautiful if I did). I measure myself by God's standards, and He tells me that I am lovely. Knowing that He created me and said to Himself, "This is good," brings a certain kind of joy that I can't explain. People around me can't explain it either, but they can see it, and to them it looks beautiful.

Embrace your spots and big lips and big eyes, Poppy! There's no one in the world created like you. You unique and beatiful in God's eyes. Once you walk in that understanding, love, your face will radiate the beauty that dwells within, and you won't need to make yourself look sexy for anyone!

I don't see any problems
by: Nat

Baby, do not worry about big eyes, why do you think we spend all that cash of long lashes to open them up!? If you must do something, line the inside of the lash line with a subtle brown liner, it'll add a little mystery. And lips, no one complains about Miss Jolie's do they, full lips are gorgeous!
As for a couple of spots, invest in a good scrub and a light moisturiser as you don't want your skin to dry out and try and make extra oil to compensate. It'll also form a better base for concealer if you need it.

I wasn't all that cute at school until I worked out what suited me, even though it wasn't what everyone else wore. You'll look great.


you can looking nautral, but if you don't feel comftable, then i'll try to help.
by: babe-with-brains

First think of the person you fell looks the worse, the one person that has it worse the you, cause there is always someone and then think about how you feel about them and i garenti that you won't think badly of them, this is how people think, you know what they say - you are your own worst enemy.
anyway, get a fringe in so that will cover your forhead and the get bright red lipstick and mascara as it will drag their attention away from your skin and onto your eyes and lips.
i hope it helps.
see ya. xxx

tips........ :)
by: Anonymous

to look sexy, be totally confident in yourself. believe in yourself. My school is not allowed ANY makeup so I dont wear makeup but keep smiling, move gracefully and act confident..... Go for it xx

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