Help, I like my best friend!

by Anonymous

First of all I believe in dating to find your husband for life. So I am 15 but I am a grade ahead and I think I am falling in love with my best friend who is a guy and 2 yrs older. I met him through church almost a yr and a 1/2 ago. We are great friends. He is an amazing christian, that is why I think I am falling in love with him. He is such a gentle man and is the nicest guy you could think of. I prayed to God asking Him to show me what to do. I went to a private christian school when I met him and we couldn't afford it this year so I had to go to public school. When I got there I found that he goes there, (I knew that but forgot). Now we spend even more time together and my feelings are getting stronger. I feel like this is a sign from God, but I Don't want to lose our friendship. He goes off to college next yr, and I am going 2 the same college later. I know God will work everything out if it's His plan, but what do I do in the mean time? I can't stop thinking about him.

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God's Plan
by: S'ambrosia

You're right.. if it is in God's plan, He will work it out. What you need to do, in the meantime, is trust Him. When I say, "trust Him," I mean the type of trust that lets go of the situation, with the understanding that He'll take care of it and show you what to do (if you keep seeking Him). It's the kind of trust that doesn't get in the way of what He's doing! Don't be controlled by fantasies or emotions, just let God do His thing and keep your thoughts focused on pure and holy things (Philippians 4:8).

Seek Him and His will first, and everything else will come into alignment with His plan for you.

Leave it all in God's loving hands
by: Sarah

Dear sister,

Thank you for sharing your feelings here with us. I just want to say that I understand completely what you are feeling, and want to encourage you to continue to listen to God and the leading of the Holy Spirit, and to do whatever He tells you to do.

As you believe, dating should be for marriage, and since you both are still studying and are still young, there should be no plans for marriage right now, so there is no need to rush things.

For now, I think it's good that you are seeking God for direction. Continue to do so. And do not forget to keep building yourself up in the Lord first, because you should find your identity and fullness in Christ alone. Dedicate time each day just to spend with the Lord, so that you will grow so close to Him and know His heart that you will know His will for your life, and you will know how to walk in it.

I think you should also learn how to surrender your feelings to God and put God first. I'm not saying you should not like this boy or put your feelings for him on hold, that is very difficult and I know that. I'm just saying that God is a jealous God, so remember that He is still your first love, and that God must always take the utmost priority in your life. So by surrendering your feelings for this boy to God, you are telling God that you want his will for your life, not your own will, you want God to be in control of your life and your relationships and decisions, and if this is His will, let Him take control. If it's not His will, ask God to take the feelings away.

At the same time, do continue to learn more about this boy, your best friend. I think it's a great start that this boy is your best friend. Because I truly believe that your husband must be your best friend too, after Jesus of course. So continue to learn about him, observe if he likes other girls but do not stand in his way. Because remember not to force your way on him, God is always in control and will turn all situations around for His will and purpose. Also observe to see if this boy really has a heart after God and is growing to be more like Him each day.

I don't think you should tell this boy your feelings, because that might affect your friendship, or might even cause the relationship to progress faster than it should. Just really leave everything into God's hands. Because God really loves you, He is our Father and He loves you dearly and wants the best for you.

Continue to seek God. And I believe when the time is right, God will show you what you should do next. And this boy should also have the same feelings toward you. But there is no rush, enjoy your time now as a single when you have more time to spend with God and serve Him in other ways.

In Christ,

by: cameo

I agree, its all about timing.... and the one person who knows the perfect timing is God.
Leave it up to him, he knows best. I the mean time focus on strenthening you guys friendship (Good relationships always have an element of friendship), but mainly trust God and focus on your (God and you)s relationship, thats the most important relationship.

"Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart". - Pslams 37.4

by: Leslie

OK, you like your best friend. that is OK. just don't lust! remember that it is ok to like your best friend, really.

God's plan. unless you ask you will never know what gods plan is for you. he put you on this planet for a reason. part of it may be to date this guy you never know... Ask yourself this question, would Jesus be OK with the guy that you like?

I will pray that you make the right decision for this. God be with you

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