Help for a friend! ASAP!

by Liesl
(New Jersy)

My best friend is really struggling with depression and suicide (like she is constantly wanting to kill herself), she asked me for help, what do I do? I really want her to see that life is worth living to the full, but how do I show her that. I pray for her, and I try to be there for her as much a possible, but sometimes it doesn't seem like enough. Telling someone else about it is out of the question, of course if it gets really serious I won't have a choice. Anyway, I need help as soon as posible, does the Bible have any verses about suicide? Pray for me, I sruggle with depression, and cutting myself, but would never take my own life. There's so much more I could say, but I have to go for now, thank you for your help.

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by: Anonymous

Sorry, but you really need to talk to somebody about this. I know that's not what you want to hear, but waiting till the last minute might prove fatal. I would suggest finding someone you trust and will listen to you. When we struggle with problems it's best to let others know. I used to have deep depression as well as an eating disorder. Find a mature christian to pray with you and talk to you. You need people to help break through with these kind of problems and to give you accountability and support. I say this from experience. Speaking of prayer, keep praying! Don't give up! God is with you through the storms, just be willing to surrender your problems to Him. Ultimatly God is in control.

There are also many websites you could look up for suicide help and prevention. Alot of these websites also have hotlines that you could call. Here's one I found from

(877)968-8454 .....1-877-YOUTHLINE teen to teen peer counseling hotline

Here's a website that also might help

Don't give up on your friend and yourself! I'm praying for you guys. Hope this helps.

I need more help, ASAP!
by: Liesl

You don't understand, I'm not in a position to tell anyone right now. She trusts me not to tell, and if I told I'm afraid it would either just break up our friendship so that I wouldn't have a chance to help her anymore, or worse, it might just be the straw that broke the camels back, and she might give up on life all together! Does anyone have anything else?

Well Said
by: Anonymous

Hello Precious, the advice given was wise advice.
No need to add anything more but to say that we will join in this network of intercessors to pray for both you and your friend.
Please keep us posted.
God bless.

no title
by: cassandra

everyone's really need to encourage her to tell someone--a suicide hotline, school counselor, trusted parent or teacher or pastor/youth pastor or youth leader, or you need to report it..i know you're worried about her, but if she really is serious about suicide you need to get her professional help because there's only so much you can do to can be a great friend to her and pray for her and be there to listen, but thats really about it, and she needs professional me, counseling is not that bad..i myself had my share of it for different emotional problems, and it really does help.

by: katt

i agree with everyone else. if you reallyy dont want to tell anyone tell yuor friend that your really scared about her and that if she does talk to someone about it (like an adult) then your going to have to, but tell her its only because you care about her and you dont want her to do it

You NEED to tell someone.
by: Kaylin

I had a friend that committed suicide on February 7, 2010. No one did enough when the signs of him committing suicide sprung up. This is something everyone regrets. Now Matt Edahl is gone. Don't let that happen to you. Don't have the regret of not telling someone about your friend if she kills herself. The whole reason she's telling you is because she WANTS help. She may only know that waaaaaaay in the back of her mind, but she does want help or she wouldn't have told you.

Suicide hurts everyone around you. Sweetheart, you will save so many people from excrutiating agony if you tell someone who cares.

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