Hard life

by catejo
(baldwin ks north america)

the crossroads im at

the crossroads im at

O.K I don't want anyone to feel sorry, but i do want help. As far back as i can remember, my dad would hit me as a punishment. At first it was just his hand then it was a belt, then a ruler, then a leather horse whip. Then i found out it was my mom that told him some of the times. It was over stupid stuff like not using my free electric tooth brush or asking my brother to do some thing for me. So i talked to the school counsler and she told the SRS. My mom took me to the trailer out side our houses and started crying saying i could have ruined her job because any one could have picked up the phone. It was all about her. We went to counseling christian style and that didn't really help. she said that i was trying to get attention by misbehaving. And all throughout this thing I got blamed. At night i would plead with him ask him to end the pain and misery. We are now on a shaky truse the are scared of me. But my family hates me. JUst a few days ago i got a new bible that i under stand and I love it. I stiil dont understand why god did this to me but someday i will. Thanks for listening you have no idea how good it feels to tell some one else about my problems

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true Beauty
by: Anonymous

The true Beauty of faith in God is that nobody can beat that out of you. No matter how people hurt us, they can't harm your soul. God's Grace is too big for that.
It is a horrible thing for anyone to suffer at the hands of their parents. A child should know they are deeply loved...and they were first loved by God...God loved you so much that He created you...with a purpose and a plan.
Why you are in these circumstances is a difficult question to answer. God is the one who will answer that prayer for you...keep asking Him what is going on, keep asking Him for guidance.
Jesus never did anything wrong...yet he was abandoned by his friends and murdered by the leaders of his faith. Brutally...to save us. When we suffer...abuse, loss of loved ones, pain-emotional, physical, spiritual, we can link it to the pain of Jesus, on the cross. Our sufferings then join with His and become redemptive.
You do need to continue to seek help to protect yourself from abuse...which it sounds like you are doing. Also, if you can, pray to God for the conversion of you parents. If they are already Christian...pray for their deeper conversion and that their hearts grow in love and wisdom and that they are protected from the temptation to use force and to abuse!!.
Counseling is a great idea or talking to a priest or trusted pastor.
My God bless, and remember, by being created in this world by God, you are loved more than any human can express - even in their kindest of ways!

Take a Deep Breath...
by: EMMMeRs

I am so sorry! I'm praying for you sister! God is with you and loves you! I'm so glad you aren't rebeling against Him! Trust Him. You're doing great! Okay - I know how preasure can just keep building up and weighing you down, so I'd just like to tell you to drop this load down at the feet of Jesus. Take a deep breath of His sweetness! It feels so awesome! I know that just because you hand something over to Him doesn't mean it'll all be fixed right away - sometimes things keep getting messud up and it feels like a slap in the face! But trust me, laying your burdens down again and agian is the best thing you can do right now! Lean on Him! I love you sister! God bless you!
You're in my prayers!

God Loves You
by: Haylie

I know it may not seem like it but your parents do care and love you. They dont know how to express their fellings. And whatever happens you know that God Loves you. =)

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