haha god didnt make us

yer we are all unique but god is fake duhhh this is al a lode of bull the bible the characteristics and the materialisum that is media. all of what we see do and listen to is media think about it going through ur day to day lives.

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Sorry you feel that way
by: Anonymous

Wow, I'm really sorry you feel that way! I really don't know what to say except that I'll be praying for you! I know that my God, my Savior, Lord Jesus Christ is real! Christ has saved me from myself again and agian. He has led me through the darkness into His light. I would encourage you to talk to someone (like someone from the Church) about this. In fact the Church is there for you whenever you need it, and more importantly God is there for you, ALWAYS!

God is real
by: cassandra

God is SOOO real..i can prove it just based on my own life experiences--there've been times when i was wondering why i was still alive, why i hadn't attempted suicide before, even though i'd wanted to, and many times, its in those dark moments that God just shows up and makes Himself SOOO VERY REAL to me!!it was only monday night that i had a God and me worship service in my room..i'd been feeling down all day long, and for no reason at all! but the feeling just wouldn't leave, no matter what i'd do..it might leave for 5min. if i found a distraction, but then it would come right back and be even heavier..well, finally, i just got the urge to listen to Kari Jobe's song "Healer" and it was right then and there that God showed up in my room..not physically He didn't, but spiritually He did..i suffer from depression, but honestly, since that night, even though i've still had some down times, none have been like monday night--none have lasted nearly that long or been that heavy. God is healing me from my depression, and i'm believing for my healing. Only God can lift that heavy darkness. i suggest listening to what the person above me said.
God bless,

by: Anonymous

Hello precioud - read your post and simply had to smile.
Our prayer for you is really quite simple - may God open your eyes to see, your ears to hear and your heart/mind come to know the truth of Who He is. In short dear one, may His Love draw you to Him.
His mercy and love is so awesome. He keeps us, protects us even before we know Him.
God's continual blessings be yours is my fervent prayer.
Hahahaha - oh yes He did! (smile!)

by: EMMMeRs

Wow! You're in my prayers. Even if you don't believe God made you - he still did. Have you ever considered how much you know? Ok - so I bet if I asked you, "Do you think you know everything?" You would probably say "No." So then I ask, "Do you think you know HALF of everything?" And you would probably say "No." again. Right? So let's just say you know HALF of everything - could it be possible that God exists in the other half you don't know? I know you ocan probably caome up with a bunch of excuses - but hey - I believe in a proven God that CREATED us. Amazing God!

god is real!!!
by: Anonymous

god is real he has done so much in my life since i was little am only 15 years old and i believe in god i believe he sent his only son Jesus to die on the cross for me and you and he rose again on the third day and he lives on forever more i am really sorry you feel that way i will pray for you and hope you will find the lord...... god bless you all

Most of you are delusional
by: Anonymous

Rubbish! I agree with the Original Poster. None of you can prove the existence of God at all. Your own experience are under estimations of human capabilities. Not the existence of a wizard who created everything from nothing. @ emmmers specifically, Tell me something. Do you all believe in Big Foot? No, because there is no proof he or she exists. The burden of proof lies with you, a burden you cannot prove for. The Church is an institution, corrupt as all institution are. especially after a thousand years or so. As far as the depression goes, looking for a heal give the mind the power to do so by itself (example: placebos are becoming more affective than actual meds) it seems to me you just listened to a song you really like. and it had an adverse affect this day. And the last poster is right. God sent himself to earth to be tortured so that he could inturn forgive himself and his own flawed creations. If I build a robot and it doesn't work, it's not the robot's fault.

not a wizard
by: cassandra

my God is NOT a wizard. He is the Creator of Heaven and Earth. if your so-called "big bang theory" really happened and God didn't create any of the beauty you see everyday, then how can nature be so perfectly organized? that can ONLY be by God. the church in general is not corrupt. some churches may be, i don't know if they are or not b/c i can't speak for them, but i do know that the ones in my community are not. in our church alone, we've seen people healed, how else would that be possible without God?we've seen many healed in our church from cancer when doctors said they didn't have a chance. that's nothing but a God-given miracle. God gave us all freedom--He didn't make us bad, through our own free will, we made ourselves bad. God didn't make sin, the devil did.He loves us so much that He wanted to give us the feewill to do what we wanted with the life He gave us, in hoping we'd glorify Him with our lives.

Why Are You Here?
by: Anonymous

Let me ask you something - if you don't believe there is a God - why do you read this site?

If you don't believe there is a God - how and why do you exist? If there is no purpose - if there is no plan - if there is no destiny - why indeed are you alive?

The Bible tells us in Jeremiah 1 - "before I formed you in the womb, I knew you and ordained you with a purpose and plan." Psalm 139 tells us, "Before you came out of the womb, all of your days were written in My Book of Life." (paraphrased) and Jeremiah 29:11 puts it so clearly, "My plans for you are ONLY good; to give you a sure, solid and expectant end." (paraphrased again and emphasis mine).

Precious, if nothing else, step back and consider that perhaps you are wrong. Look around you, all of creation, the universal laws give evidence of an "Intelligent Designer." Look in the mirror, you are a masterpiece; carefully crafted and designed and definitely born on purpose. Don't miss it.

Blessings precious.

My God is Alive
by: EMMMeRs

I believe in God because I need to. As simple as that. God is not my crutch - He is my wheel-chair. Yes, I listen to music that has helped me through tough times - but don't you see? It helps because I hear the faith of someone who believes what I do, and it reminds me of the truth. Jesus died because He really could and DID make a difference, and I know that He would have died even if He only saved me. I am praying for you. Jesus hasn't given up on you and neither will I.
No matter what any individual religion states - facts cannot be moved. They can either be believed or not. Luv ya girls!

Um , about all this controversy...
by: "Natasha" :D

So, I dunno about you people, but it makes no sense arguing about something that's going to be true and always will be!
Even though we don't see God, He DOES exist!
the person who said something above about a wizard and Big Foot and stuff. I noticed...Didn't you capitalize the W in Wizard?Even though you claim not to believe in God, you capitalized your reference to Him, proving you recognized
His deity.
Say what you may, but He is on His throne!
Also, to use your example of Big Foot differently...
Do we believe in wind?ABSOLOUTELY!Can we see it?NO!
yeah, so...
I hope God convicts you of your unbelief...I know you must be emotionally turbulent or something...No matter what your problem, He can and WILL help you w/ it.
No matter what our tiny human brains think, God exists and always will..
Hey, you know what I just thought?
Just because we try to deny something doesn't mean it does not exist.
wow, it's SO worth it defending your faith!

by: EMMMeRs

Truth. There is a truth in every living person, it is inside us screaming that God is real.
Romans 1:18 "...they suppress the truth in unrighteousness...." That is why it angers people who claim not to believe. Many athiests turned followers of Christ have said they believed in God the whole time they suppressed the truth in unrighteousness. They didn't want to except a God with rules.
My Jesus loves this world. I do too. Thanks for all the comments on this post!
May Jesus' story be told everywhere! :)


whoa whoa whoa GOD is real
by: Rosie

Just a question but how do you know God isn't real? Like honestly? it can't be an answer like, "uh, cuzz i just do." It has to be something that is believable. I KNOW GOd is real for many reasons. If you look at the earth. Everything in the earth is special and unique. Do you think just BAM! oh. its all there. this tiny molicule just exploded and such and now we have earth. The ONLy planet that is liveable. The only planet that is not too hot or too cold. Do you know that if we were a little farther away from the sun earth would not be liveable and we would freeze to death? Or if we were a little closer, just a smidge, then we would burn up? Do you see how carefully balanced our whole world is? And many people think that it just happened, all the sudden, from nothing. Nothing can't happen from nothing. There HAS to be a creator. Its like saying that you have a house and it just exploded and from all the pieces in your house they all came together when it exploded and made a helicopter. It's not possible because someone would have to build that helicopter. it can't just be there. Same goes for the earth. Something had to make it. Their are millions and millions and millions of cells in your body. How'd they get there? God made them. God made the bee's that know just when to pollinate. He made the flowersand how they know just when to bloom. He even made seasons for variety so that we wouldn't get bored! God's like everywhere! All we have to do is look! And more proof....did you know that they found writing of the bible from like a thousand years ago(Just a guess)? And they were almost word perfect with the bible today. So the bible hasn't changed so theres a way to believe it. Its not like every few years they change the bible into something else. It's real and it's true. Is there something that contradics it? I haven't found one yet! Not one that can't be easily explained that is.
Hope this helped. Or maybe your annoyed with me and you think i'm a jesus freak (FYI I AM A JESUS FREAK!) anyway if you don't believe me there are a ton of sights with this topic if God is real. You just have to find them. God's been waiting for you. He wants to be your friend. he wants you to come to him. He loves ya! Don't ever forget that!

God vs Evil
by: Anonymous

If you think God doesn't exist because there is so much evil in the world then think about this: is there a such thing as light? Well yes. Is there a such thing as darkness? No, the word darkness is simply what we use to describe the lack of light. Same thing with hot and cold. You can go all the way to absolute zero, which is having absolutely no heat, but you can't get any colder. God is VERY good. Evil is simply the lack of God.
We can't see God, but we have to have faith that he is there, just like we believe that the earth was around thousands of years ago (yes I did say thousands because GOD created the earth not some random explosion! I mean, seriously, if you blow something up, something new and great isn't just going to randomly form! How stupid would u be to believe that?) Anyways, even though we weren't there that long ago, we still believe the earth and everything existed, so we can have FAITH that an almighty, wonderful, amazing God CREATED us. Not the big bang.

Prove evolution?
by: Chick4Christ

Okay, so if we are evolving, how come people are getting worse? getting sicker... more cold and etc. Why are there still monkeys? Where do miracles come from? You can't seriously look across a breathtakingly beautiful star-filled sky or a sunset thinking it evolved. Evolution is fake. Look up Kent Hovind videos on Youtube. If your proof of evolution is how there are tons of species, its bad, because God created animals to adapt to areas, they don't do it because of evolution.

God made you. You don't like that, because you probably want to keep sinning. Someone said evolution was invented, so people could sin and not be accountable.

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